The 5 best practices for Advanced Search

In an XperienCentral project with loads of content, finding a specific content item can be a challenge. Fortunately, the Advanced Search functionality is available in the top bar of the Workspace. In this article, we present 5 tips that help you to more quickly locate content.

1. Searching by ID

Searching for a unique number leads to fewer errors than searching for a title. For this reason, every content item in XperienCentral has a unique identifier. You can find a content item’s unique ID in the Status panel of the Properties widget.

Using Advanced Search you can search for a content item via its internal ID (‘91073’ in the example above). As soon as you type in the ID for the content item, the result is immediately shown:

2. Searching by ‘With Ancestor'

Using the facet ‘With Ancestor’, you can search parts of the website such as within a specific page subtree. To do so, select Page as the content type and then open the facet ‘With Ancestor’.

When you select a page within this facet, all the child pages will be shown in the search results. Combining this with other search facets allows you to quickly locate the page you are looking for.

4. Searching by Expiration Date

Some content is temporary, like a campaign page or a job opening. Using the facet ‘Expiration Date’, you can easily keep up with the actual state of your website. In the Advanced Search results, you can sort by expiration date. This makes it possible to see the content items that are no longer available as well as those that will soon be unavailable, giving you a glimpse into the future.

Using Advanced Search you can quickly get an overview of your Interactive Forms. The ‘Form usage’ facet shows which forms are being used and where.

This facet also has its own search field which you can use to search for a particular form which speeds up the process.

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