Changelog 10.22.1


[GXWM-18680] - Some properties of a content item are not copied when creating a new version
[GXWM-32055] - The SearchService doSearch() method is single-threaded
[GXWM-32998] - wm:editable bodyless tags do not render links for article content
[GXWM-33017] - Removing a language label causes missing child node entry errors
[GXWM-33912] - The "Links to this item" property in the "Links" tab in the Properties widget only shows one link
[GXWM-34618] - An error occurs while writing a file to the file store
[GXWM-34922] - HTTP connections to an Edit server sometimes run out
[GXWM-35194] - A JavaScript error occurs when clicking an element in Edit mode for the first time
[GXWM-35630] - Layouts are sometimes incorrectly rendered when a page is copied


Change Request

[GXWM-34721] - Java 7 support has been dropped
[GXWM-35239] - Prevent the accidental removal of workflow activities



[GXWM-33838] - Add version numbers and status icons to Content Item Version dialog box
[GXWM-34587] - Support Apache Maven 3.6.0
[GXWM-35111] - JCR datastore cleaner service error messages now identify corrupt nodes
[GXWM-35321] - Support Apache Tomcat 8.5.35



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