Changelog R23


[GXWM-10532] - Content-type header can not be set within a JSP
[GXWM-14712] - It is possible to downgrade a plugin via the edition-bundles directory
[GXWM-33593] - The friendly URL for database pages cannot be updated
[GXWM-34416] - The available content types sometimes are deselected after a new deploy
[GXWM-34875] - The file store does not synchronize sized images on Windows
[GXWM-35083] - An orphan node is created in the JCR when modifying an existing element
[GXWM-35757] - The Entity Manager leaks "trashcan" nodes in the JCR
[GXWM-35763] - The CurrentRolloverDetector creates nested sessions if it takes too long to finish
[GXWM-35973] - Facets in Advanced Search do not appear if getIdentifier is not implemented


Change Request

[GXWM-35379] - Support for Angular-based panels has been added



[GXWM-34991] - SEO support for database pages has been improved



[GXWM-35720] - A new imaging API has been added
[GXWM-35755] - XperienCentral can be used in headless mode
[GXWM-35756] - XperienCentral version numbers now use the format Rxx (R23 for example)


[GXWM-35346] - Modular Content
[GXWM-35713] - Media Feeds panel
[GXWM-35715] - Headless presentations



Headless integration - Presentation 1.0.0
Modular Content 1.0.0





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