Changelog R23.1



[GXWM-15728] - When upgrading IAF: Failed to find a suitable entity factory for nodes
[GXWM-18879] - Disabled contentypes can still be found in search panel
[GXWM-25961] - Dynamic content overview shows non-relevant items
[GXWM-30605] - Save successful notification when save is cancelled because of workflow
[GXWM-31036] - Contentindex for articles incomplete when there is an article without a
[GXWM-32999] - Invalid precondition expression disables all clientside framework logic
[GXWM-35103] - Prehandling kicks in in edit mode, when opening form element
[GXWM-35167] - Audit logging in authorization component logs more changes then actually
[GXWM-35201] - No audit logging on user password update
[GXWM-35202] - Backspace removes content for users with limited permissions
[GXWM-35409] - No warning shown on creating User when XC Loginname is already existent
[GXWM-35522] - Starting XC with plugins in work/deploy breaks
[GXWM-35760] - Removed tag in Media Feed URL makes the query broken
[GXWM-35788] - Typo in IAF handler for profile registration and deregistration
[GXWM-35846] - Empty editionbundle zip error on startup unix
[GXWM-35989] - Interactive forms element error messaging
[GXWM-36018] - Cluster table creation upgrade statements fail on Oracle
[GXWM-36032] - Empty facets when using Resource Instances

Change request
[GXWM-34522] - Add option to filter on keyword categories in backend search



Changelog R23.1  Buildversion 10.23.1

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