Changelog 10.15

GX WebManager 10.15


[GXWM-12957] - Users can inject personalizations in forms
[GXWM-13023] - Language labels are not saved
[GXWM-17063] - Maintenance of language labels with form steps with conditional handler throws error
[GXWM-25946] - Links to content in content overview (media list) only works for articles
[GXWM-26424] - 404 for missing image buttonbg.gif when using an alternative static context path
[GXWM-26548] - In some cases, wrong metadata is retrieved by the Solr search WCB when indexing a page
[GXWM-30188] - Form signing truncates responses when content-length header is set
[GXWM-32958] - In Websphere the Next Button to go to a next Step doesn't work on frontend
[GXWM-32963] - After deployment of sidebarwidget archetype editbutton is not properly aligned
[GXWM-33018] - Thumb images advanced search are not created when spaces are in filename image
[GXWM-33028] - Form validation and navigation breaks in a CORS setup
[GXWM-33126] - Resized image with wm:sizedImage tag is placed in other submap upload_mm than original image

Change request

[GXWM-28044] - Make contentItemVersions retrievable with only their versionIdentifier


[GXWM-26907] - Developer documentation for sidebar widgets


[GXWM-25780] - From and subject of notification: WebManager notification; should expect "XperienCentral"
[GXWM-26504] - Support the Microsoft SQL Server driver sqljdbc_4.0.2206.100_enu
[GXWM-32913] - Improve performance and memory usage of IAF import
[GXWM-33049] - Sidebar widget archetype: Some notifications shown within the widget
[GXWM-33066] - Add more information to "The given signature doesn't match the session." error message


[GXWM-32420] - Make personalized content recognizable for Analytics software

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