Changelog 10.21.1


[GXWM-33452] - Unable to update a form fragment identifier when the form contains invalid references
[GXWM-33946] - The Notification Service returns null pointer exceptions when trying to retrieve deleted media items
[GXWM-34638] - Taking over the lock of a content item returns errors in a clustered environment
[GXWM-34683] - Some internal HTTP requests return an error
[GXWM-34706] - Error when deleting an image from an Image content element
[GXWM-34865] - Error when managing images using custom content elements
[GXWM-34867] - Cannot edit an interactive form when it contains an invalid form variant
[GXWM-34961/GXWM-34970] - Errors when an Image content element points to an image content item that does not contain an image



[GXWM-34636] - It is no longer possible to change the home page via the Special Pages tab in Channel Configuration
[GXWM-34771] - The method getFileSize() has been added to the nl.gx.webmanager.cms.core.Image API. This makes it possible to retrieve the size in bytes of the file associated with an image
[GXWM-34910] - XperienCentral now supports OpenJDK 8 (
[GXWM-35164] - XperienCentral now supports Apache Tomcat 8.5.32

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