Changelog 10.17

GX WebManager 10.17


[GXWM-25777] - JCR datastore cleaner fails cleaning in large databases
[GXWM-27470] - Disallow delete Version on the First Media Item Version
[GXWM-28932] - Logfile flooded with "Refreshing failed" errors
[GXWM-29117] - XC startup fails and JCR corrupt when datastore cleaner runs twice
[GXWM-31019] - Inline style used for aligning canvas text
[GXWM-31508] - 404 / 500 page with special characters incorrect displayed
[GXWM-32333] - When creating a new form, using the IAF menu, the new item is not selected
[GXWM-33114] - Able to change contentproperties of other channel at receiving channel
[GXWM-33351] - XperienCentral doesn't cleanly stop when the application server wants it to
[GXWM-33474] - Incidentally, media items are not published immediately
[GXWM-33505] - Change in interactive form step name is not saved consistently
[GXWM-33663] - Download content type cannot be extended
[GXWM-33685] - wmpgui.js only with extension uncompressed in SDK
[GXWM-33851] - Log error (NPE) during indexing download links without any assigned download
[GXWM-33854] - Advanced search hangs sometimes when search results change

Change request

[GXWM-25182] - Add Site Structure View to Link selector
[GXWM-33044] - Enable using a single war-file in a DTAP street


[GXWM-33637] - Update documentation for Thesaurus Relations
[GXWM-33660] - Search documentation provides a non working example for a Best Bets


[GXWM-32436] - Improve concurrency of SharedItemStateManager
[GXWM-32625] - Add Soft Cache Timeout (softcachetimeout) to timestamp management
[GXWM-33643] - Improve language label for selecting content from the Content Repository


[GXWM-18356] - Support for Tomcat 8.5
[GXWM-33530] - Provide the ability to select a focus point for images in XperienCentral

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