Changelog 10.3.1 and before

GX WebManager 10.3.1


[GXWM-26946] - Design templates panel missing after 10.3.0 upgrade
[GXWM-26838] - Clicking OK in element too fast cancels element update
[GXWM-27000] - Advanced form selection is not saved, by clicking OK

GX WebManager 10.3.0

Including changes (partially) made in 10.2.1.


[GXWM-6165] - Pattern of the encrypted form signature is too predictable
[GXWM-10696] - Audit trail can cause performance issues (size of wmHistory table)
[GXWM-15156] - multiple forms on one page results in duplicate ID's for formid and clientsideRouting
[GXWM-17543] - FrameworkConfig.isClusterTaskmaster() gives 'true' for both master servers
[GXWM-18207] - Renaming terms corrupts media overview elements
[GXWM-18347] - Form signing vulnarable to Cross-site request forgery (XSRF)
[GXWM-18348] - Form sign without session can be retrieved from signs with session
[GXWM-18626] - Content Item widget's menu doesn't close always after having selected a content item
[GXWM-18667] - Content references functionality is broken
[GXWM-18919] - Prefix wildcard support should be disabled
[GXWM-20640] - Short-cut save doesn't work for abbreviation
[GXWM-20658] - IE10: Wijzig eigenschappen displayed on two lines, when opening context menu in dutch language
[GXWM-20704] - Deleting from Limbo fails
[GXWM-21259] - Deleting a header results in the next line copying it
[GXWM-21610] - IE10: Selecting a different version, shows a pop-up that the browser is trying to close the tab
[GXWM-21616] - Reposition buttons in RT toolbar
[GXWM-21651] - Remove Styles from WM 10
[GXWM-21806] - Pressing backspace before single indented list item (child) results in removing the list item
[GXWM-25079] - TypeError, Unsafe JavaScript and more when click on link in XperienCentral
[GXWM-25544] - Not possible to go to the non-current version of a download
[GXWM-25557] - Edit partially selected links: prefilled link text is extended, should be also extended in the editor
[GXWM-25569] - Certain menu's within the Properties dialog will not close after activating menu item.
[GXWM-25626] - Submenu of Layout infobar doesn't disappear
[GXWM-25686] - Internal WebManager requests are blocked on WebSphere 7 when using internal_backend_address and internal_frontend_address settings
[GXWM-25746] - Quick search styling is incorrect
[GXWM-25749] - Copy of a media item to another web initiative fails
[GXWM-25767] - RTE on IE10 is very slow
[GXWM-25791] - Align layout move button to top
[GXWM-25826] - Panels doesn't look fine on install: only Save / Cancel button on top of the screen
[GXWM-25854] - Uncaught Error / TypeError and stuck on loading screen
[GXWM-25868] - New page, and dragging an image directly after it : Empty title /.. Empty site structure widget, after F5, the loading screen doesn't disappear
[GXWM-25886] - "TypeError: Cannot call method 'update' of null" when saving a personalized (image) element
[GXWM-25901] - Vertical alignment of layout titlebar seems to deviate from all other elements
[GXWM-25906] - Layout title incorrect and too small
[GXWM-25935] - English headers in Dutch online help menu
[GXWM-25951] - "Links to this page" doesn't show links
[GXWM-25965] - Link multiple times created and shown on properties dialog
[GXWM-25975] - Move the facet "Website" to the last position
[GXWM-25979] - Drag & Drop image from disk to content area isn't dropped on the position you want
[GXWM-25987] - Last enter cannot be removed
[GXWM-26012] - Dutch language labels for empty elements incorrect
[GXWM-26025] - JBoss 6.1 EAP: No loggers present and Warnings in the log using WM9
[GXWM-26028] - Performance Dashboard doesn't work with JBoss 6.1 EAP i.c.w. wm9
[GXWM-26061] - Every keydown in Firefox results in TypeError
[GXWM-26063] - Date validation is not backwards compatible
[GXWM-26073] - Selection shown incorrect when having empty lines / list items / etc.
[GXWM-26103] - Cannot assert docked (and expanded) state
[GXWM-26116] - Cannot drag and drop a youtube URL anymore
[GXWM-26147] - When updating links in the inline editor, links are automatically deleted in the properties dialog > links tab
[GXWM-26160] - Unable to create page via Content Creation Widget: missing menu option while on root page
[GXWM-26208] - Performance issues with page links
[GXWM-26272] - Needed for test automation - Add title to 'Personas' panel.
[GXWM-26298] - Context widget's menu doesn't always close
[GXWM-26300] - Saving a table element results in 500
[GXWM-26302] - Single click on menu opens it and closes immediately, single click in input jumps back to other input
[GXWM-26320] - Heading menu not in style with other menus
[GXWM-26333] - Spacing between publication status icon and label is incorrect
[GXWM-26335] - XC overwrites terms/tags when submitting (saving) basic article properties
[GXWM-26336] - Error after login: exception in animation handler for: onEnd
[GXWM-26337] - Configuration menu is hanging
[GXWM-26341] - multiple forms on one page results in duplicate div id="canvas"
[GXWM-26342] - Typo in the dutch version of properties panel of Flash
[GXWM-26343] - Typo in the dutch version of dynamic content overview
[GXWM-26378] - IE: Inline editor fails : Permission denied
[GXWM-26417] - Personalizations disappear from edit canvas and are escaped
[GXWM-26463] - Created hyperlinks disappear from article canvas
[GXWM-26472] - Special characters / diacritics in inputfields are incorrectly escaped
[GXWM-26477] - WYSIWYG element does not support diacritical characters
[GXWM-26480] - Tags cannot be removed from article
[GXWM-26544] - Link insertion in elements broken
[GXWM-26562] - Article Leadimage from Content Repository does not show and disappears
[GXWM-26575] - Change Dutch spelling of Layouts
[GXWM-26585] - RTE seems to not remove a p within the looped layout output
[GXWM-26641] - When quickly typing in editor and press CTRL+A: Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Text] has no method 'getAttribute'
[GXWM-26649] - WCB Elements with file uploads are broken
[GXWM-26694] - Notification is shown too fast / quickly
[GXWM-26707] - Select lead image for article in properties widget shows all search results, not only images
[GXWM-26716] - The last (fourth) line of the textual information accompanying a content item in Thumb view is confusing as well as inconsistent
[GXWM-26726] - Uncaught SyntaxError: Failed to execute query: 'div:[role='dialog']:not([style*='none'])' is not a valid selector.
[GXWM-26727] - Incorrect Dutch language labels in Advanced Search
[GXWM-26730] - Notifications not shown first time after startup client or at image content item
[GXWM-26738] - Consequently insert the right dutch translation for 'Constraints' as is "Workflow Conditie"
[GXWM-26779] - Copy custom element with setter based on FileResource doesn't write its file to disk
[GXWM-26781] - Inactive Urls are not saved, therefore no frontend redirects to new URL
[GXWM-26782] - The right sidebar does not fit with the scrollbar nicely
[GXWM-26801] - Can add pages to a Content Overview element

Change request

[GXWM-18805] - Remove object manager from mega menu and web initiative configuration
[GXWM-19022] - Change UI of date facets in Advanced Search
[GXWM-19026] - Add publication date sort option to Advanced search
[GXWM-22119] - Introduce pluggable workflow status transition constraints
[GXWM-22453] - Add tool tips
[GXWM-25897] - Properties widget switches context when hovering over it
[GXWM-22224] - Reenable required field validation custom metadata
[GXWM-22515] - Add keyboard shortcut support
[GXWM-24189] - Add jsdoc
[GXWM-24828] - Remove WM 9 UI
[GXWM-24830] - POST WM9UI Cleanup APIs/content
[GXWM-26587] - Replace some columns in Advanced Search

GX WebManager 10.2.0

Including changes (partially) made in 10.1.0 and 10.0.0.


[GXWM-17891] - FileStore synchronization stops functioning after some time
[GXWM-8935] - Notification doesn't show the versions of articles

Change request

[GXWM-17644] - solr wcb should be able to index pages without automatically optimizing the index
[GXWM-18465] - Provide timezone support in content REST API
[GXWM-18469] - Finalize Clientside CRUD/Copy/Move
[GXWM-18471] - Unresponsive script when opening Advanced Search via "Search Page"
[GXWM-18474] - Create Content API (Clientside API)
[GXWM-18476] - Create a central key handling system
[GXWM-18477] - Create Workflow Model Store (clientside API)
[GXWM-18591] - Using a table in the content and putting text after it, the option 'clear' (NL: vrijstaand) is not working
[GXWM-18647] - Inconsistency in naming Content Creation widget's GUI elements
[GXWM-18651] - Content creation widget
[GXWM-18802] - Fundamental image and download metadata is missing
[GXWM-18804] - Change the way Pages in Content Repository are shown
[GXWM-18808] - Create a mediatypes workflow REST API
[GXWM-18809] - When copying an article the database references are not copied (VI wish)
[GXWM-18813] - Provide support for the multimedia content item type
[GXWM-18814] - Basic Content Repository
[GXWM-18818] - Provide support for flash content item type
[GXWM-18822] - Provide support for Pages in the Content Repository
[GXWM-19019] - Boost default ("In Context Current") content items versions
[GXWM-19020] - Upgrade to SOLR 4
[GXWM-19023] - Propose and investigate backend SOLR search solutions
[GXWM-19030] - Remove default language for media items in index
[GXWM-19037] - Add Workflow States to Index
[GXWM-19040] - Use slash in entity identifiers instead of colon
[GXWM-19041] - Index the IDs and labels of Terms and Users in separate fields
[GXWM-19042] - Add status information to Advanced Search
[GXWM-19062] - Several SOLr warnings at startup
[GXWM-19064] - Add facet query filter to grouped search
[GXWM-19070] - Backend SearchREST - Create and Document REST search service
[GXWM-19071] - Create design and WBD for Advanced Search UI
[GXWM-19073] - ContentIndexEventHandler event mapping incomplete
[GXWM-19074] - Backend SearchUI - Create SimpleSearch widget
[GXWM-19076] - Specify advanced search requirements
[GXWM-19077] - Backend SearchREST - Add advanced search capabilities
[GXWM-19079] - Backend SearchREST - Add unit tests for rest search bundle
[GXWM-19081] - Improve search completion behavior
[GXWM-19082] - Unify contentindex and wmasolrsearch packages
[GXWM-19083] - Backend SearchIndex - Add purge and purge by contentDomain features
[GXWM-19084] - Backend SearchAdapters - Create FlashAdapter
[GXWM-19087] - Backend SearchBundle - Outstanding issues / errors and infrastructure concerns
[GXWM-19088] - Backend SearchIndex - Create Advanced Search Handler
[GXWM-19090] - Create a property based custom mediaitem metadata adapter
[GXWM-19092] - Create client side simple search API
[GXWM-19094] - Create missing ElementAdapters
[GXWM-19095] - Simple Search not selectable after having navigated back from advanced search
[GXWM-19100] - Implement advanced search
[GXWM-19101] - Add content selection widget
[GXWM-19102] - Backend SearchQueue - Full Index support
[GXWM-19104] - Backend SearchAdapters - ArticleVersionAdapter - Add missing fields for index
[GXWM-19106] - Backend SearchContentResolver - Add support for Page objects
[GXWM-19108] - Backend SearchIndex - add optimize API/task
[GXWM-19110] - Review and optimize contentindex adapter mechanism
[GXWM-19111] - Support the creation of links to another web initiative
[GXWM-19113] - Add isarticle to the index
[GXWM-19114] - SOLR Backend Queue Infrastructure
[GXWM-19116] - Style (Simple) Search
[GXWM-19120] - Queue - Scheduler service swallows exceptions in jobs
[GXWM-19121] - Backend SearchAdapters - Element adapters missing fields
[GXWM-19126] - Backend search Test Design: Simple Search
[GXWM-19133] - Backend SearchAdapters - Create DownloadAdapter
[GXWM-19134] - Ensure that the token used for simple search is always passed through to the advanced search pane.
[GXWM-19138] - Evalutate Solr Configuration
[GXWM-19140] - Backend SearchAdapters - FallBackElementAdapter
[GXWM-19141] - Removed hard coded locale in simple search
[GXWM-19143] - remove id from select box in simple search
[GXWM-19147] - Revise content domain handler and prefixes currently defined.
[GXWM-19148] - Validate ContentResolving/Enumeration for custom mediaitemtypes
[GXWM-19149] - Content domains and enumerators
[GXWM-19150] - Create contentdomains for custom mediaitem components
[GXWM-19151] - Dynamic fields type enumeration and language support
[GXWM-19153] - Create clientside QuickSearch API
[GXWM-19158] - Align grouped search and advanced search in the solr config
[GXWM-19160] - Backend SearchAdapters - Create ImageAdapter
[GXWM-19516] - Context widget
[GXWM-19519] - Multichannel Preview
[GXWM-19665] - Implement element permissions
[GXWM-19666] - Possibility to add Links to text in WCB elements
[GXWM-19668] - Links to content items in edit environment
[GXWM-19669] - Add file drag and drop support for the image element
[GXWM-19680] - Design template label overlaps template selector
[GXWM-22098] - Page.getLink() must return relative URL again
[GXWM-22101] - Make in context navigation more responsive
[GXWM-22105] - Open database links in the workspace
[GXWM-22107] - Add a loading message/icon, when deleting a Layout
[GXWM-22109] - Disable numbered list functionality
[GXWM-22110] - Provide support for named Content Areas
[GXWM-22121] - Change color of the tooltip arrow
[GXWM-22122] - Disable link text input field and show message when adding a link to a multi-lined selection
[GXWM-22123] - Reenable lists for inline editor
[GXWM-22127] - Add Backend Languages to the WebManager API
[GXWM-22131] - Improve the recognition of empty elements
[GXWM-22132] - Introduce Persona Preview Permission
[GXWM-22137] - Improve clarity of item context menu applies to
[GXWM-22140] - Improve layout deletion
[GXWM-22154] - Make the default language selected and disabled based on the current locale
[GXWM-22158] - Implement model definition conform requirements
[GXWM-22164] - Reintroduce "Watch this content item"
[GXWM-22177] - Integrate Mobile Toolkit
[GXWM-22182] - Make user preferences website specific
[GXWM-22197] - Quality Assessment Tomcat 7
[GXWM-22205] - Extend structure widget context menu with "edit properties"
[GXWM-22218] - Update language labels for Webinitiatif to Channel
[GXWM-22444] - Language combo box has no label
[GXWM-22449] - Notifications for Save, Statuschange and progress in Lightboxes and panels
[GXWM-22452] - Show first and last name instead of login name in User Menu
[GXWM-22462] - Use provided content item type icons instead of current hardcoded set
[GXWM-22474] - Style 'wm9 elements' in inline editor
[GXWM-22476] - Add logout button
[GXWM-22482] - Add MVC implementation for custom media item
[GXWM-22484] - Allow adding dojo panels to the megamenu
[GXWM-22486] - Specify Content Selection UI Widget
[GXWM-22487] - Create WebsiteStore
[GXWM-22488] - Add term selector
[GXWM-22491] - Specify Login requirements
[GXWM-22492] - Style the Configuration Menu
[GXWM-22498] - Handle unauthenticated user (passive)
[GXWM-22499] - Create simple search dojo widget/component
[GXWM-22501] - Specify Menu requirements
[GXWM-22508] - Change the composition (less library) of the Dojo theme from runtime to build time with a maven plugin etc.
[GXWM-22509] - Locale and i18n support in the GUI
[GXWM-22512] - Change redirect of login to new GUI
[GXWM-22513] - Move MyWebmanager inbox to My content items and using advanced search
[GXWM-22517] - Implement Dojo menu
[GXWM-22531] - Restyle the WebManager panels to the new design
[GXWM-22532] - Style the Login and Logout
[GXWM-22534] - Optimize sub pages tab in Properties Dialog
[GXWM-22536] - Add field highlight style to active input fields and text areas
[GXWM-22537] - Add support for localized number formats
[GXWM-23043] - Inline Editor (rich text editor) does not support Ctrl-Ins (copy) and Shift-Ins (paste)
[GXWM-23044] - Add hover (mouseover, mouseout) events to the rte plugin api
[GXWM-23047] - Make the RTE correctly deliver mouse events
[GXWM-23049] - RTE publishes cursorStatus event on all operations in doEdit
[GXWM-23060] - Cursor/keyboard selection
[GXWM-23062] - Create Rich Text Editor plugin for existing markup functions
[GXWM-23063] - Mouse Selection
[GXWM-23066] - Handle BR and line breaks
[GXWM-23067] - Refactor/modulize rich text editor
[GXWM-23069] - Added nested containers to RTE
[GXWM-23070] - Bullet lists, ordered lists in RTE
[GXWM-23071] - Handle invalid HTML
[GXWM-23072] - Add Abbreviation functionality to Inline Editor
[GXWM-23074] - Update RTE & API documentation
[GXWM-23075] - Expand RTE Plugin API with selections, better modification API
[GXWM-23076] - Add 'bare' paragraphs to the RTE
[GXWM-23077] - Text styles
[GXWM-23078] - Left, right, center alignment
[GXWM-23079] - RTE support required for links
[GXWM-23080] - RTE API review and discussion timebox
[GXWM-23081] - Cut, Copy & Paste support
[GXWM-23082] - Redesign cursor indicator
[GXWM-23083] - Undo/redo support
[GXWM-23086] - Basic editing features
[GXWM-23087] - Cursor keyboard movement
[GXWM-23088] - Style the Rich Text Editor basic functions
[GXWM-23089] - Paragraph & heading level styles
[GXWM-23096] - Support for quotes
[GXWM-23628] - Support the ability to open the "edit mode" immediately
[GXWM-23629] - Add Horizontal Ruler to Inline Editor
[GXWM-23636] - Update Rich Text Editor based on plugin discussion
[GXWM-23637] - Show selection of empty lines
[GXWM-23639] - Insert element functionality
[GXWM-23641] - Element Toolbar
[GXWM-23643] - Finalize the Rich Text Editor cursor status events with plugins
[GXWM-23645] - Complete implementation of the Inline editor GUI for pages
[GXWM-23646] - Provide solution for non-HTML pages
[GXWM-23647] - Specify WCB elements editing requirements
[GXWM-23648] - Add 'semantic identifier API' for presentation JSPs
[GXWM-23649] - Finalize Actions Menu
[GXWM-23652] - Show element toolbar after modification
[GXWM-23654] - Improve handling of content areas in Inline Editor
[GXWM-23655] - Editor, server side/JSP support for embedding elements on page
[GXWM-23656] - WCB Element save and update
[GXWM-23660] - Support arrow keys navigation between title and content
[GXWM-23661] - Specify editing mechanism
[GXWM-23662] - Analyze and propose solution for Inline Editor Pluggability
[GXWM-23663] - Server side element/page save
[GXWM-23665] - Optimize positioning of title bar
[GXWM-23666] - Statusbar: Notifications for Save, Statuschange and Progress in the Inline editor
[GXWM-23668] - Support drag and drop of elements
[GXWM-23672] - Single click element selection
[GXWM-23674] - Finalize Inline Editor plugin mechanism
[GXWM-23676] - Copy & Paste, Undo & Redo for WCB Elements
[GXWM-23677] - Complete implementation of the Inline editor GUI for articles
[GXWM-23679] - Link Support in Inline Editor
[GXWM-23680] - Start content editing in the inline editor
[GXWM-23681] - Add double click shortcut for going to edit mode
[GXWM-23683] - The inline editor should not post the entire object on saving the page
[GXWM-23684] - Inline Editor limbo element clean-up on server
[GXWM-23685] - Optimize personalization icons
[GXWM-23686] - Undo/redo in Inline Editor
[GXWM-23688] - Refactor WCB Element solution to a Inline Editor plugin
[GXWM-23690] - Article navigation in the inline editor
[GXWM-23691] - Add action menu to Classic Elements
[GXWM-23692] - Add Bullet lists, ordered lists to Inline Editor
[GXWM-23694] - WCB element pop-up GUI panel
[GXWM-23695] - Navigation in the inline editor
[GXWM-23697] - Research Inline Editor links, personalizations, image etc
[GXWM-23698] - Document requirements for presentations in the new inline mode
[GXWM-23701] - Add support for multiple edit regions to the Inline Editor
[GXWM-23703] - Style and formatting toolbar
[GXWM-23704] - Add alignment options to Inline Editor
[GXWM-23707] - Focus title of new page
[GXWM-24136] - Change /services/wm/ to /services/cms/
[GXWM-24137] - Sidebar tab not entirely clickable
[GXWM-24139] - Add readonly REST for sizemodels
[GXWM-24140] - Provide default content item type icons through REST API
[GXWM-24144] - API is needed to style the tab for different states of the sidebars for the new visual design (shadows etc.)
[GXWM-24148] - Add readonly REST api for personalizations
[GXWM-24150] - Add title to delete prompt in Structure Widget
[GXWM-24151] - Right click context menu should disappear whenever clicked outside of it
[GXWM-24159] - REST API - Search
[GXWM-24162] - LinkModel REST API
[GXWM-24163] - Persona Persistence, Java API and REST API
[GXWM-24165] - Minimize Widget (by icon)
[GXWM-24166] - Improve drag and drop behavior and style
[GXWM-24167] - Content REST API - expose additional metadata
[GXWM-24168] - Display on pages overview REST api
[GXWM-24169] - Standard Workspace Layout (floating)
[GXWM-24173] - Introduce Website REST api
[GXWM-24175] - Create REST API providing Content Type overview
[GXWM-24177] - Content REST API - support objectmanager types
[GXWM-24178] - Extend Website REST API
[GXWM-24180] - Startup user preferences (start page) should be retrieved by REST api
[GXWM-24181] - REST API - Simple Search
[GXWM-24182] - Add max size of sidebars (like for example Outlook)
[GXWM-24183] - REST API - Menu
[GXWM-24186] - Styling of Workspace Manager
[GXWM-24187] - Support create empty mediaitem versions
[GXWM-24190] - Optimize Workspace visually
[GXWM-24194] - Support REST api create/delete on page/mediaitem(version)
[GXWM-24196] - Content REST API - support link conversion in contentStream
[GXWM-24197] - From Floating to Docking
[GXWM-24202] - All Sidebars docked
[GXWM-24203] - Content REST API - support custom mediatypes
[GXWM-24204] - Secure the REST APIs
[GXWM-24206] - Structure Widget
[GXWM-24207] - Content REST API - Inline Editor support
[GXWM-24208] - Add language REST API
[GXWM-24209] - Content REST API - related link support
[GXWM-24210] - startup of sidebar widget is called twice
[GXWM-24211] - Add and remove Widgets
[GXWM-24213] - Add REST framework authorization
[GXWM-24214] - REST API - Content/Metadata
[GXWM-24216] - REST API - User/Preferences
[GXWM-24218] - Create clientside API for Application Context
[GXWM-24222] - Default configuration of Widgets after login
[GXWM-24224] - Content API - extend versions overview
[GXWM-24225] - Content REST API - move toward generic endpoint
[GXWM-24226] - Remember state of sidebars (server side by user)
[GXWM-24227] - Add native language support
[GXWM-24228] - Move Widgets from Left to Right Sidebar
[GXWM-24229] - REST API - GUI modules
[GXWM-24230] - Create Workflow Model REST API
[GXWM-24232] - Improve the Interaction of the Sidebars
[GXWM-24233] - Change (general) styling of components inside widgets
[GXWM-24234] - Content REST API: Lead image support
[GXWM-24237] - REST services framework supporting JAX-RS
[GXWM-24238] - Improve add widget lightbox
[GXWM-24239] - Support elementtype through plugin REST api
[GXWM-24747] - Add lead image support
[GXWM-24748] - Change tab widget for Properties Dialog
[GXWM-24750] - What is 'Activiteitenspoor' - subject for Terminology change
[GXWM-24752] - Upgrade 3rd party libraries
[GXWM-24753] - Enable editing of related link
[GXWM-24756] - Change compiler compliance settings to Java 6
[GXWM-24757] - Update to Felix Framework 4.0.x
[GXWM-24760] - Navigate or select item using double-click
[GXWM-24762] - Remove online help from core WebManager components
[GXWM-24764] - Editable properties widget: add selected workflow state and change styling
[GXWM-24766] - Editable properties widget: add "edit all properties" link
[GXWM-24769] - Lead text field very small
[GXWM-24770] - Provide custom metadata with proper styling
[GXWM-24772] - Upgrade to latest Felix Shell
[GXWM-24774] - Save all tabs in the Properties Dialog
[GXWM-24776] - Upgrade to Felix DependecyManager 3.0
[GXWM-24779] - Add "View All Versions" menu item to Actions menu
[GXWM-24782] - Remove the WCB "maximum version" check
[GXWM-24823] - Phase out page models / templates
[GXWM-24824] - Update language labels in WebManager UI
[GXWM-24826] - Terminology update
[GXWM-24835] - Finalize Properties Widget and Lightbox
[GXWM-24836] - Drop WM83 migration toolset
[GXWM-24837] - Restructure backend webitem menu composition
[GXWM-24839] - Fix backend default error pages
[GXWM-24842] - Provide support for database pages/resources
[GXWM-24843] - Solve inconsistencies in current version selection
[GXWM-24845] - Provide support for page meta data
[GXWM-24847] - Add support for page sections to the Inline Editor
[GXWM-24849] - Provide support for discussions
[GXWM-24851] - Integrate and style Interactive Forms in WebManager
[GXWM-24854] - Add information to Properties Widget
[GXWM-24863] - Drop test/wca setup tools tabs
[GXWM-24864] - Create Page Section Widget
[GXWM-24866] - Improve the concept of Publication status
[GXWM-24869] - Drop or fix JMX registration bundle
[GXWM-25171] - Provide titlebar-information in rendered HTML
[GXWM-25172] - Add delay to hover of content items
[GXWM-25175] - Remove inline editor legacy fallback functionality
[GXWM-25176] - Add content type icons to titlebar
[GXWM-25177] - Change naming of buttons in Link dialog
[GXWM-25181] - Restructure Actions Menu
[GXWM-25186] - Optimize interaction of Persona panel
[GXWM-25188] - Improve layout of buttons in content titlebar
[GXWM-25194] - Change tab interaction in Link Dialog
[GXWM-25195] - Optimize save mechanism in Inline editor
[GXWM-25196] - Image should be draggable directly from Content Repository widget or desktop
[GXWM-25201] - Add 'title' attribute to the Context Menu
[GXWM-25209] - Redefine support of ALT-S
[GXWM-25261] - Create Online Help WCB
[GXWM-25264] - Content Resolver Infrastructure
[GXWM-25274] - Integrate wmasolrsearch into WebManager
[GXWM-25279] - PageVersion/MediaItemVersion APIs is incomplete
[GXWM-25292] - Improve session creation mechanism
[GXWM-25293] - Create Persona Management Panel
[GXWM-25294] - Create Is Used In Widget
[GXWM-25297] - Create Language Widget
[GXWM-25299] - Persona Rendering support
[GXWM-25594] - In Context Mode slow due to XSL Stylesheet caching failure

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