Changelog 10.5.0

GX WebManager 10.5.0


[GXWM-7556] - User profile WCBs do not handle non empty static files URL
[GXWM-11243] - JCR Browser panel throws nullpointer
[GXWM-16166] - Unable to use IAF archetypes using the GX online maven repository
[GXWM-17639] - Media Overview: When publication from / to date is used and the time fields not, the output is incomplete
[GXWM-26380] - When selecting node in JCR browser a ConcurrentModificationException occurs
[GXWM-26539] - Can't create new media item due to wrong casing of table
[GXWM-26697] - Advanced forms gives errors, when modifying form model, that is used on a page
[GXWM-27026] - Unable to replace decentral mail properties on Form element
[GXWM-27442] - Authorisation for widgets does not work properly
[GXWM-27546] - When creating a searchAndSelectDialog from a widget and giving it some properties (among which is "selectedFacetValues") not all facets can be interpreted.
[GXWM-27610] - The Links tab depends on a wrong permission
[GXWM-27626] - Firefox: Site structure Widget does not take into account the available space
[GXWM-27627] - SEO keywords field generates spaces in between keywords
[GXWM-27786] - Content item infobars are not hidden when dragging layout
[GXWM-27901] - SEO panel doesn't save changes
[GXWM-27983] - Size models tab and permission not shown after upgrade to XC
[GXWM-28124] - Cannot select previously selected form instances in the same form element
[GXWM-28159] - Cursor jumps from end of line to start of line in Chrome
[GXWM-28166] - Cannot edit a page in IE 11
[GXWM-28171] - Firefox 30: The right sidebar does not fit with the scrollbar nicely
[GXWM-28178] - Uncaught type error appears when adding a Layout
[GXWM-28186] - Personalizations do not appear in Personalization overlay
[GXWM-28189] - Cannot create link in paragraph element
[GXWM-28239] - Content API should add and/or set elements to an element holder equals to the inline editor
[GXWM-28251] - Page in edit mode scrolls initial to the last editable area
[GXWM-28296] - Upgrade commands fails in step 6 (pagemodels clean up)
[GXWM-28297] - RT options in WYSIWYG element are disabled
[GXWM-28338] - ConcurrentModificationException when personalizing column content in a Layout
[GXWM-28344] - Can't copy/paste in rich text editor after a return (uncaught TypeError)
[GXWM-28352] - The default Editor roles is unable to personalize content
[GXWM-28391] - IE11: after removing personalization, the coloring is not removed
[GXWM-28393] - IE11: Add button in Select Personalization dialog 'vanishes'/white after clicking it
[GXWM-28395] - Personalization on a layout does not personalize the whole layout
[GXWM-28404] - IE10: Selected personalization in popup shows on multiple lines
[GXWM-28406] - Inline editor does not take licences into account

Change request

[GXWM-15673] - Indexer does not commit any document when a SolrServerException is thrown while adding one document
[GXWM-18091] - Upgrade to latest Apache commons email library
[GXWM-18807] - Audit Trail should contain all possible content types
[GXWM-27926] - Create Inline Personalization GUI
[GXWM-27928] - Create Personalizations REST API
[GXWM-27933] - Support multiple personalizations for elements at API level
[GXWM-27935] - Remove classic element personalization GUI and REST API
[GXWM-27955] - Prevent prefixing of external links with http:// for links to custom schemes like vi://
[GXWM-28081] - Online Help for Seamless Inline Personalization
[GXWM-28083] - Support for AND/OR personalization combinations


[GXWM-27690] - Improve application.workspace.showNotification
[GXWM-27950] - Improve layout renaming mechanism and user feedback


[GXWM-22178] - Support for MSSQL 2012
[GXWM-22186] - Support for Windows 2012
[GXWM-24829] - Support content item locking
[GXWM-27494] - Document External Applications

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