Changelog 10.5.1

GX WebManager 10.5.1


[GXWM-10903] - Too much debugging info in caching engine
[GXWM-21842] - 404 is shown when clicking a link to content of another channel
[GXWM-26836] - The 'Edit Link' dialog occasionally misses the tabs in the 'Link to' section of the dialog
[GXWM-27783] - Creating a link to another channel causes page to become 'uneditable'
[GXWM-28320] - Deleted articles keep showing in dynamic content overview
[GXWM-28355] - Release lock on dual master takes a few seconds, red warning is shown
[GXWM-28403] - Layout support for section tag
[GXWM-28411] - Can't save an article when the editable title area appears twice due to some user events
[GXWM-28432] - ContentItemLockManager locking poll thread not cleaned up on stop of WCB
[GXWM-28440] - Event thrown after updating media item holds previous publication status
[GXWM-28461] - Download links broken created from WM9
[GXWM-28464] - Wrongly assigned links when editing a pagesection while you are on the page
[GXWM-28468] - Dutch Language label is missing for AND/OR option in Personalization dialog
[GXWM-28546] - Online help shows subversion merge conflict info
[GXWM-28580] - Unable to edit new (planned) acticle version with publication date in the future
[GXWM-28657] - Unable to rename tags


[GXWM-27290] - Editable content doesn't handle scrollable divs well
[GXWM-27784] - When you create a link, there is no way you can tell to which Channel that page belongs


[GXWM-28400] - Reintroduce BC Segments synchronization when opening the Personalization Dialog

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