Changelog 10.6.1

XperienCentral 10.6.1


[GXWM-29294] - Personalization on selection is only applied to first paragraph/element
[GXWM-29178] - Elements can not be dragged/moved to empty layout fields
[GXWM-29155] - presentationcontext.mediaItemVersion no longer returns a version
[GXWM-29127] - Read access prevents page from being editable in XC
[GXWM-29112] - Performance issue when many pages in page tree are expanded
[GXWM-29091] - Dutch personalization pop-up label is shown on two lines
[GXWM-29074] - L code urlonly="true" attribute behavior inconsistent
[GXWM-29068] - Inline editor is slow on page with big layouts (many divs)
[GXWM-28998] - Unable to add new custom mediaitem with SetIsArticle set to false in Activator
[GXWM-28985] - Layout without richtext cannot be personalised
[GXWM-28961] - Error when generating wm:link
[GXWM-28945] - Changed layout gives error and new layout part is not available
[GXWM-28944] - Posted form values ignored after using browser back button
[GXWM-28921] - Created hyperlinks disappear from article canvas
[GXWM-28849] - Page isn't preselected in Chrome after page search

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