Changelog 10.7.0

GX WebManager 10.7.0


[GXWM-27695] - Unable to create media content items after upgrade on Oracle
[GXWM-29166] - Page tree flickers in Firefox
[GXWM-29187] - Stack traces from EventManagerServiceImpl publish , current rollover does work ok
[GXWM-29225] - Layout instances are not correctly saved when dynamic areas are used
[GXWM-29277] - Media page: external ID,copyright and no tags
[GXWM-29289] - Timestamps are set after restart
[GXWM-29417] - Exporting IAF forms not possible when last item(s) alpha sorted are planned
[GXWM-29432] - Unable to upgrade from 10.5 to 10.6 with Oracle database
[GXWM-29438] - Selecting a lead image removes the tags from an article
[GXWM-29445] - Internal related links gives error in multi language environment
[GXWM-29482] - Database item is not saved as reference to a page
[GXWM-29504] - Contentstream HTML from REST API is of the wrong format with elements in layout
[GXWM-29544] - Crash in Download Element referencing removed Content Item
[GXWM-29550] - Cannot create new links on pages with link without linkcode
[GXWM-29585] - Error during save when a page has hidden edit areas

Change request

[GXWM-22144] - Provide support for profiling (JSP) rendering performance
[GXWM-25478] - Search panel does not differentiate between pages with same title
[GXWM-28914] - Provide more insight into frontend performance
[GXWM-29045] - Improve cursor (indicator) position near floating content
[GXWM-29053] - Discourage use of float in presentation guidelines
[GXWM-29109] - Make the external id field of the image content type editable
[GXWM-29110] - Add copyright property to image content type


[GXWM-29183] - Add Audit Trail documentation to the online help
[GXWM-27500] - Document Setup Tool in online help


[GXWM-29112] - Performance issue when many pages in page tree are expanded
[GXWM-29385] - Better support JS page layouts and responsive design frameworks


[GXWM-17686] - Add proper authorization and workflow to Interactive Forms
[GXWM-28746] - Support the ability to embed content easily

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