Changelog 10.9

GX WebManager 10.9


[GXWM-25846] - When entering edit mode, the fade flickers from grey to white to grey
[GXWM-26120] - Insert menu is not disabled when title content area is active
[GXWM-28879] - Editing a page results in a scrollbar
[GXWM-29784] - Paste multiple styled paragraphs from Word generates Javascript error in Firefox
[GXWM-30159] - Copy & pasting an element in FF37 results in text version
[GXWM-30316] - Profiling and statistics services are not part of the API documentation
[GXWM-30373] - The Javadoc of 10.8 does not contain any styling
[GXWM-30384] - wm:getmediaitems tag does not take into account the incontext info
[GXWM-30404] - Unable to get the page inside a presentation jsp from within a block
[GXWM-30475] - openInfo method in crosswin library does not return promise
[GXWM-30478] - wm:editable with no tag body does not render elements

Change Request

[GXWM-13984] - Support for Maven 3.0 for WCB developers
[GXWM-15457] - Implement password policy for editors
[GXWM-24763] - Update WebManager build to Maven 3
[GXWM-24765] - Move to maven bundle plugin (deprecate maven osgi plugin)
[GXWM-29106] - Remove DigiDHandler
[GXWM-29886] - Ability to go directly to "edit page" for a content item
[GXWM-30104] - Different notification when network connection is lost when working in XC
[GXWM-30362] - Remove gettext servlet


[GXWM-30271] - EditableTag doesn't mention possibility to not loop over element
[GXWM-30418] - Update layout documentation


[GXWM-30132] - Xperiencentral fails to start up when for some reason an OSGI bundle can not be read
[GXWM-30215] - Performance gain can be achieved by not calling convertToLegacyElements on every call to ElementHolder.getElements in inContext mode
[GXWM-30432] - A few warnings talk about reponse code instead of response code
[GXWM-30439] - Improve styling of Advanced Search results slightly


[GXWM-26416] - Support SSL for backend
[GXWM-29470] - Remove WCMExchange integration

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