Changelog 10.11.1

GX WebManager 10.11.1


[GXWM-29901] - Tags with capitals can't be found in tag select dialogue
[GXWM-30115] - Required validator doesn't validate checkboxes properly clientside
[GXWM-31407] - Unable to remove discussion from article on Oracle
[GXWM-31650] - Timestamp not updated upon HTML Title change
[GXWM-31654] - Short editable tag in jsp doesn't generate personalisation tags canvas
[GXWM-31731] - Layout panel is missing CSS styles, gives JS errors
[GXWM-31746] - Building from source with an empty Maven Repository fails
[GXWM-31779] - Unable to create a working XC installation on websphere by using the default instructions

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