Changelog 10.11

GX WebManager 10.11


[GXWM-11061] - Remote code execution possible for editors
[GXWM-13017] - Drag and drop in large forms does not work properly
[GXWM-14741] - Cannot drag and drop handler or router to the conditional component
[GXWM-15016] - Unclear how to Drag and drop a form step
[GXWM-16125] - Handlers within a condition are executed when the form scope contains an error
[GXWM-17222] - Changing a formfragment identifier makes references to that fragment go lost
[GXWM-17827] - IAF generates millions of Locale could not be determined; defaulting to nl_NL messages
[GXWM-18360] - IAF: when redirected to session expired page the channel parameter is lost
[GXWM-26536] - Interactive form routing after device redirection does not take channel into account
[GXWM-27091] - IAF form management crashes when is used as text within a form fragment checkbox
[GXWM-28691] - In a multi-site setup, clicking a dynamic content overview link referring to another website results in a 404
[GXWM-29120] - Selecting the even language in IAF results in unaccessible folder structure in IAF panel
[GXWM-29485] - The UUID of a download changes after replacing the download
[GXWM-30074] - In a multi-site setup, navigating to a mediaitem owned by another website through the (advanced/quick) search results in a 404
[GXWM-30157] - formvalidationbindings uses deprecated/removed function
[GXWM-30240] - FormVersions in other languages are shown with empty title in FormElement form selection
[GXWM-30360] - Stacktraces while importing Form
[GXWM-30708] - IAF GUI cannot deal with Form Sections without versions
[GXWM-30806] - Fragment archetype missing presentation
[GXWM-31129] - Anchor element adds name of the element to the title of an anchored element
[GXWM-31202] - JBoss WARNING regarding registration of JAXP compliant parsers
[GXWM-31267] - System bundle exports Java packages with version 0.0.0
[GXWM-31281] - Removing edit user that watches page makes pages crash
[GXWM-31327] - Stacktrace on creation of new form version
[GXWM-31358] - Lead images containing special characters in the filename aren.t displayed
[GXWM-31376] - Tab key does not navigate anymore in properties panel
[GXWM-31389] - LinkTag has no support for new innerHtml method of LinkImpl
[GXWM-31397] - Impossible to change user when asked to changed password
[GXWM-31401] - L Code not replaced by link in paragraph fragment in interactive form
[GXWM-31409] - A lot of incorrect content item lock delete attempts (http requests)
[GXWM-31423] - HTML corrupt in in context mode when inserting a link in a paragraph element
[GXWM-31430] - Image alt tag not escaped properly
[GXWM-31433] - escapeToHTMLAttribute should escape XC l code tags
[GXWM-31436] - L code shown on frontend
[GXWM-31441] - Invalid escaping in edit environment
[GXWM-31455] - Image with special characters not handled properly
[GXWM-31490] - Spelling mistake at the inline personalization dialog
[GXWM-31494] - escapeToJavascript and escapeToJSON do not support L-codes and personalization properly
[GXWM-31505] - New warnings regarding className and HttpSession when starting tomcat
[GXWM-31544] - Broken links in online help
[GXWM-31618] - Not all WM and L tags are properly escaped

Change Request

[GXWM-13149] - Make session timeout configurable
[GXWM-16944] - Upgrade (client-side framework) jQuery to latest version
[GXWM-30835] - Improve formvalidationbindings.js
[GXWM-31180] - Various upgrades of 3rd party software
[GXWM-31186] - Link scheme filtering is too strict
[GXWM-31427] - deprecate getClassification method MediaTerm class


[GXWM-28581] - Upgrade to Dojo 1.10.4
[GXWM-30896] - Make the relation between form versions more clear
[GXWM-31184] - Upgrade to TypeScript 1.7.5
[GXWM-31270] - Site export possible, containing hashed passwords
[GXWM-31271] - The available administration scripts can be listed
[GXWM-31314] - Password stored plain text in session
[GXWM-31412] - IAF Form engine service warnings do not mention Form version
[GXWM-31417] - Remove the and use normal WCBs instead


[GXWM-29508] - Provide more insight in the Publication status of Forms
[GXWM-31214] - Remove E-cards from XperienCentral
[GXWM-31215] - Remove Scheduled Polls from XperienCentral
[GXWM-31216] - Remove who-is-who from XperienCentral

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