Changelog 10.13

GX WebManager 10.13


[GXWM-11423] - DebugMessage when changing tab Format->personalize
[GXWM-12904] - Import Panel leaves file in formexport directory (Installation on Windows only)
[GXWM-25521] - Voting on frontend leads to white page, and error in the log
[GXWM-26470] - Indented lists (ordered and bullet) in canvas produce invalid (X)HTML
[GXWM-27882] - Layout HTML isn't updated until browser refresh
[GXWM-28170] - SQL error when pasting content in alternative text field
[GXWM-29204] - Close content overview lightbox after navigating to a mediaitem
[GXWM-30364] - A section (not a Formsection) is not working properly
[GXWM-30547] - When a new channel is created, IAF does not have a WorkflowRepositoryModel assigned
[GXWM-30950] - Switching languages when more than two languages are available
[GXWM-31062] - Filename in image URL needs te be encoded
[GXWM-31154] - SEVERE log messages when deploying pagemetadata wcb based on archetype
[GXWM-31706] - An unexpected exception in the FormEngineService cleaner thread causes the thread to stop forever
[GXWM-31804] - Nested personalization tags on canvas give xsl error on page
[GXWM-32038] - Form preview broken after removing form element
[GXWM-32158] - Calendar in a form is displayed over the fragment below
[GXWM-32165] - Lock forms in the version overview
[GXWM-32211] - Installation.txt is outdated with regard to how to find the sys admin documentation
[GXWM-32227] - Stack traces when viewing page from deleted author
[GXWM-32255] - Generated javascript for precondition in sub form is invalid
[GXWM-32292] - Step navigation button is covered by step tab
[GXWM-32377] - Cannot login using application key if user requires password change
[GXWM-32392] - Backend search does not work on VI product test
[GXWM-32437] - Layout javascript not (correctly) evaluated after adding layout
[GXWM-32444] - springmvc-servlet.xml from sdk 10.12.1 has typo
[GXWM-32468] - Generic (outdated) log warnings
[GXWM-32485] - Empty download in WebManager 9 causes havoc in backend index after upgrade to XperienCentral
[GXWM-32496] - MigrateLeadToMetaDescription cannot be run twice
[GXWM-32554] - Stacktrace: InvalidQueryException: Not a valid name: wmpformelement:element
[GXWM-32561] - Discussions only work on MSSQL
[GXWM-32563] - Meta keywords can't be emptied

Change Request

[GXWM-17103] - Possibility to assign Superscript and Subscript to text in canvas and in elements
[GXWM-29165] - There is no permission for maintaining categories, variants, import and export screens
[GXWM-30180] - Interactive Forms authorization for form fragments and handlers
[GXWM-31078] - Navigating to /edit shows the login screen and Container based login is disabled
[GXWM-31709] - Provide support for Jboss EAP 6.4.5
[GXWM-32010] - Provide Pages and article-based content types with a Meta description field
[GXWM-32166] - Remove code duplication in WYSIWYG element
[GXWM-32246] - Upgrade to tomcat 7.0.69
[GXWM-32545] - Remove (internal) contentindex implementation packages from javadoc


[GXWM-30397] - Update "Switch between languages" common task
[GXWM-32171] - wm:search tag not documented in tag library reference
[GXWM-32402] - Migrate administrative pages help to the Wiki.


[GXWM-28267] - Archetype for sidebar widget needs to be added to WebManager
[GXWM-32095] - Duplicate classes in some (OSGi) bundles
[GXWM-32104] - Permission check is slow when lots of forms are available
[GXWM-32426] - Interactive Forms overview is less clear
[GXWM-32428] - Interactive Forms tree doesn't focus on selected form
[GXWM-32429] - Dragging and dropping of a subform in or out of a section gives weird behaviour
[GXWM-32430] - When deleting a validation in Interactive Forms a move icon is shown
[GXWM-32435] - Experienced IAF users not happy with loading screen / spinner
[GXWM-32482] - Show login screen in place of Forbidden message on login failure


[GXWM-30214] - Support authorization for Layouts
[GXWM-30960] - Make the discussions module work without Advanced Forms
[GXWM-31222] - Remove Advanced Forms from XperienCentral
[GXWM-31901] - Support the ability to navigate to the Login page when using Container-based authentication

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