XperienCentral 10.15

XperienCentral Release 10.15

In the 10.15.0 release of XperienCentral, we are rolling out the following improvements.

Content Platform

Content Performance

In XperienCentral, you can easily personalize content using data retrieved from the Insights Platform. Beginning in 10.15.0, you can also measure the effectiveness of personalizations using Google Analytics. As a result, you gain insight into which segments have viewed and/or interacted with specific content.

Widget Development

Developing widgets just got faster. Together with the roll-out of archetypes in 10.13.0, we have now made developer documentation available. The detailed widget documentation helps developers to quickly get started developing new widgets that help make the work of their editor colleagues easier and more efficient.

Insights Platform

Insights-driven Recommendations

XperienCentral has always offered the possibility of displaying other content that is related to the content that a visitor is currently viewing. It is now possible to suggest related content based on a visitor's profile. In this way, you can make suggestions based on a visitor's unique profile and individual interests. As a result, your communication with your visitors becomes more relevant to their individual needs.


We have added a new application that can be coupled with the Insights Platform: Marketo. By integrating the Insights Platform with the wide range of supported exernal applications, you can improve your bottom line.

In Conclusion

  • The next product update will be available in April 2017.
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