Where can I find previous time sheets (reports)?

Along with the introduction of our new support system, we are also working on its integration with our other systems. This will ensure that our clients can find all their information in one place. In the future we will also add access to time sheets.

In the past, the reports were available at the URL This URL now takes you to our support portal instead of to the reports. In order to ensure that the reports remain available, they can now be accessed using the URL (the word ‘support’ is replaced with ‘csreports’ in the URL).

For example:


has been changed to


Log in using the username/password credentials that you used for As soon as the reports are available in this new system, we will announce that here.


The URL shown above is an example. Use the URL that you previously did and simply replace ‘support’ with ‘csreports’ — the rest of the address remains the same. The above URLs are not valid. Did you forget the URL that you’re supposed to use? Then contact GX Customer Services and let them know that you need the URL required to view your time reports.

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