XperienCentral 10.12

XperienCentral Release 10.12

In the XperienCentral 10.12.0 release, we have added the following features/improvements:

More options for layouts

Using Layouts you can design your website pages any way you like. In 10.12.0 we have increased the flexibility of layouts in order to support a wider range of HTML tags. As a result, you can use much more diverse layouts on your website, for example to add tabs using the HTML list element.

Interactive Forms Improvements

In 10.12.0, two aspects of Interactive Forms have been improved:

  • The new Form Locking functionality ensures that a form is unavailable for editing to all users except the editor who is working on it. As a result, an editor cannot lose modifications they have made to a form by having them overwritten by another editor who wants to modify the same form. Form Locking works in essentially the same way that Content Item Locking does.
  • The user interface of Interactive Forms has been improved. For example, visual feedback is now given when a form is loading which lets you know that XperienCentral is busy. Furthermore, the look and feel of Interactive Forms has been brought in line with the look and feel of the Workspace. 

Custom search filters

Using custom search filters (Custom Facets), you can search for content in the Content Repository more effectively. You can now search for properties within a custom content type. For example, you can search for “Location” within the custom content type “Events”. You define these Custom Facets yourself and using them makes it easier to locate content.

Maintaining cloud installations has been made easier

Since the first half of 2015, XperienCentral can run in the cloud. In order to maintain a cloud installation of XperienCentral, new system administration functionality has been added. As a result, it is possible to maintain website settings and user passwords within XperienCentral remotely.

In closing

  • Are you curious about what else is new in 10.12.0? Read the release notes.
  • The next XperienCentral release will be released most likely in July 2016.


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