XperienCentral 10.10

XperienCentral Release 10.10

In XperienCentral version 10.10, we have added the following features and improvements:

Security: extra protection when submitting HTML and JavaScript

In version 10.10 we have added numerous security features to further protect the XperienCentral edit environment. One of these has to do with places where a user can add or modify HTML or JavaScript. This is especially important where HTML and/or JavaScript can pose a risk, for example where it can have an influence on the design of the website. If you want to learn more about how this heightened security affects your installation, please get in touch with your GX Software contact person.

Performance: caching dynamic content caching takes less time

In XperienCentral, you can cache content. Before, caching dynamic content — a Dynamic Content Overview containing five different press releases for example — took longer than caching regular content. Beginning in 10.10, dynamic content is cached more quickly because content items are no longer processed one at a time — now they can be processed simultaneously. As a result, the time it takes to load a page is faster for editors as well as website visitors.

Performance: logging in using Single Sign-On

Starting with version 10.10, it much easier to couple XperienCentral with Single Sign-On software. This type of software is used to automatically log employees in to a wide variety of software once they have successfully logged in to a single point. The result is that employees don’t have to remember a large number of passwords and they can get down to business more quickly.

Feature: resizing windows

In version 10.10, it is now possible to resize a wider variety of windows, such as the Properties dialog and content element dialogs. This is especially useful when the content of the dialog is larger than the default size. It is also useful for tables that contain multiple rows.

In closing

• Are you curious about the other features/improvements available in the 10.10 release? Read the Release Notes.
• Do you have other questions or comments? Feel free to get in touch with your GX Software contact person.
• Do you want to stay up to date with the latest news about XperienCentral? If so, click on the [Follow] button in the upper right part of this page. We will be sure to send you an e-mail as soon as a new release of XperienCentral is ready.

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