XperienCentral 10.19.0

At the start of each new year, this one included, we take a fresh look at what we can do to support your processes by adding interesting, robust and security-related enhancements to our software. 

To start the year right, there are number of tasks that traditionally should be undertaken. The following are two fundamental tasks that should be performed in order to facilitate new development: the ESCROW deposit and the Security audit. Admittedly, these tasks do not have a functional impact but they are extremely important for the 'hygiene factor. The Escrow deposit is the handing over of our product source code to an independent organization in order to ensure that a perfectly functioning instance of an XperienCentral development environment can be set up in case of a catastrophe. This is a condition in many of our contracts and agreements with customers. It is up to us to deliver our software in such a way that the Escrow agent can use our code immediately - this is also rigorously tested (and at the same time it says something about how easy it is to replicate of our software). This Escrow deposit is performed and declared correct by the Escrow Agent.

As for security, we have enhanced quite a few things lately. Internet security is 'hot', not just as a current trend but also as a hard reality. A majority of our customers' business transactions take place online. Our software sits right in the middle of this, therefore we pay an enormous amount attention to security and you could go so far as to say that it is an elementary part of everything we develop and release. We also ensure that security is always an important part of our roadmap.

With all the attention we pay to security in order to guarantee that it is an integral part of our thinking and development, we nevertheless hire an outside specialist organization to perform a complete and strict security audit of our software. An audit was performed on our last release and we are pleased to report that it passed with flying colors. That's great, but more importantly, it is reassuring to know that we are up to date and protected against the current threats. Naturally it is not possible to be protected against 100% of all possible threats, but we do all we can and the external security audit is vital to this process.

In the 10.19.0 release there are also improvements and enhancements to personalization, documentation and Interactive Forms.






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