XperienCentral 10.16

XperienCentral Release 10.16

In the 10.16.0 release of XperienCentral, we are rolling out the following improvements.

Search Improvements

In XperienCentral you can find and reuse content with the help of our powerful search functionality. Starting with version 10.16, you can work even more productively with the Content Repository thanks to the following improvements:

  • Using the new relative date facets, you can access recently published and/or unpublished content more quickly and easily.
  • You can refine your search to specific sections of your website, for example courses, dossiers, or the part of the website that you are specifically responsible for.
  • You can now search for content items using their unique ID wherever the search functionality is available in XperienCentral. This is especially useful if you use content item IDs in your daily communications within your website.

Support for the SVG graphics format

Although the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format has existed for a while, it has lately seen a resurgence in its use in website content. In XperienCentral, it is now possible to use SVG images in the Content Repository image type, lead images and in the Image content element. In addition, you can automatically resize and crop SVG images so that they display correctly on all devices.

New Languages available in the Inline Editor

Inputting symbol-based languages such as Chinese and Japanese has been made simpler in XperienCentral. These languages contain way more symbols than can be represented on a keyboard containing Latin characters. In order to ensure that these characters can be added to content, operating systems such as Windows offer Input Method Editors (IMEs). Using an IME, you can input Latin-based characters phonetically and they will be automatically translated into the deisred language (Chinese for example). Beginning in XperienCentral 10.16, the Inline Editor works seamlessly with IMEs which makes it possible to quickly and easily add Japanese and Chinese content.

Platform Support

Beginning in XperienCentral 10.16, the Microsoft Edge browser is now supported. Further, we have added support for MSSQL 2016 and Windows 2016. You can find more information about our platform support on our Hardware and Software requirements page.

Interactive Forms

Listen for Interactive Forms Events using BlueConic

Using BlueConic, you can monitor interactive forms on your website in order to build up the richest possible user profiles. Beginning in XperienCentral 10.16, you can much more easily listen for events in reusable parts of interactive forms, also known as form sections. Through the use of a unique ID within fields in a form section, you only have to define the relationship between a form section field and user profile properties once regardless of whether the form section is used once or a hundred times.

Publishing Forms across Multiple Channels is now Easier

Beginning in XperienCentral 10.16, you can easily determine where forms are used and thus more easily publish them in all the channels you want with the help of BlueConic.

More information

  • Do you lack oversight about broken links on your website? Read about Link Widget on Link Widget Tips & Tricks page to get started!
  • Curious about the other new features/improvements in 10.16? Have a look at the change log.
  • The next product update will be available in July 2017.
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