Our new support system

Welcome to GX Software’s new support system

Recently we have received a number of tips from our contacts regarding changes we can make in order to improve our Services department. A recurring theme was our support portal. Our old portal was behind the times and did not adequately assist our clients and partners given the way that we currently operate.

A service department’s first and foremost goal is customer satisfaction. It is for this reason that we have taken your feedback seriously. It took some time to set up but we are now very satisfied with our new system.

If you have a tip or suggestion regarding our new portal, we would love to hear it. We will do our utmost to incorporate any and all feedback we receive from you. At the time of this writing, we already have a process in place that registers all questions. New information will continuously be added to this portal (release notes, information about components, reports, and so forth).

Our old support system

With the introduction of our new support system, our old system has been phased out. The information that was available in the old system has not completely disappeared. You can still access it until the end of 2015 via the URL Use the username/password combination that was valid on our old support system to gain access. Your contact details remain valid internally within GX Software and your GX contact person will always be able to access them. Past tickets will not disappear.

Access to old tickets

In the past, you could always consult earlier tickets via Read here about how that now works.

Google Analytics

For reasons of transparency, we hereby inform you that Google Analytics is used on this site. We use information gleaned from Google Analytics in order to improve our portal. When we determine that a specific search term is searched for by a large number of our clients, we will pay particular attention to improving our service for that subject. The same goes for specific pages that receive a lot of traffic.

We wish you all the best in your work and productivity with regard to our new customer support.


The GX Service Team

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