Changelog 10.16

GX WebManager 10.16


[GXWM-5499] - Searchengine fails to index word document with Office 2007 formatting
[GXWM-17053] - Publication and expiration dates for 'media' content items not correctly shown in versions panel
[GXWM-28665] - Misconfigured non-JNDI database results in failure to start XC
[GXWM-28962] - Unable to edit page if it contains an element missing its WCB
[GXWM-30161] - Postform credential fails to retrieve the secure form signature parameter
[GXWM-32072] - Endless recursion in IAF using Repeat fragment
[GXWM-32666] - Annotation based indexer should not depend on in-memory state
[GXWM-32702] - Table element in a list in richtext does not work
[GXWM-32769] - Unable to save article after opening it from a content overview element
[GXWM-32986] - Not possible to search with keywords as only selected facet
[GXWM-33108] - Voting doesn't work on Oracle or mySQL
[GXWM-33132] - SEO URL causes 404 after changing article title
[GXWM-33142] - IAF post which is blocked by SecureFormsCheckingFilter should be redirected to session_expired (or other) special page instead of returning a 'raw' 403
[GXWM-33158] - sql error in ResourceInstanceExtension class when 1 row is returned and 1 column is defined
[GXWM-33161] - Dumping of pages doesn't support https
[GXWM-33167] - Advanced search widget does not show pre-selected facet values for type facet
[GXWM-33337] - Error when searching for keywords with spaces in Advanced Search
[GXWM-33518] - Unable to login in IE11

Change request

[GXWM-15325] - Enable SEO by default
[GXWM-25843] - Change the interface and user interaction for creating new frontend languages
[GXWM-30619] - Change buttons in Tag panel in Content Repository
[GXWM-30734] - Add support for SVG images to image elements and the content repository
[GXWM-31710] - Add support for search by identifier
[GXWM-33173] - (Accidently) removing Tags (terms) that are used by articles is too easy


[GXWM-33162] - Document loop/field move options


[GXWM-30683] - Add IAF formfragment identifier to fields for BlueConic
[GXWM-31526] - Enable/add functionality of non breaking space in text
[GXWM-32443] - Focus on Authorization Management panel is confusing after creating a user
[GXWM-32456] - RSS feed element API does not expose enclosures (images)
[GXWM-33034] - Show content (version) ID for content items


[GXWM-29866] - Support MSSQL 2016
[GXWM-30617] - Edge support
[GXWM-32770] - Make Interactive Forms available as a Facet
[GXWM-32951] - Provide full IME support in the Inline Editor
[GXWM-33005] - Provide a "With Ancestor'" facet in Advanced Search
[GXWM-33039] - Add "older than ... days" value to 'Expiration Date' Facet in Advanced Search

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