Changelog 10.22


[GXWM-32792] - The JCR Import/export tool does not function correctly
[GXWM-33580] - Add an option to clear form errors when revisiting a form step
[GXWM-33581] - Drop-downs are not properly prefilled in Interactive Forms
[GXWM-33582] - Submitting a disabled drop-down removes prefilled values in Interactive Forms
[GXWM-34295] - The Is Used In widget and facets don't support references from custom code
[GXWM-34686] - Uploading a plugin can result in a Felix deadlock
[GXWM-34704] - PreHandlingElementHolderCacheRecalculator causes getWebsiteByHostname errors (Interactive Forms)
[GXWM-34902] - Very large images are not properly resized
[GXWM-34925] - Display-on special pages are removed when uninstalling (not purging) a MediaItemComponentType
[GXWM-34940] - Download elements sometimes become uneditable
[GXWM-35000] - The logging.properties file has been updated with Tomcat 8.5.32 properties
[GXWM-35178] - The Edit Layout dialog is not rendered correctly in Chrome


Change Request

[GXWM-27473] - Add "all" and "not any" keyword filters to Advanced Search
[GXWM-28327] - Support the ability to use a unique identifier in a layout definition
- Titles of new versions of content items have been changed to "Version of x"
[GXWM-34883] - Add support for progressive JPEG resizing



[GXWM-30591] - GX Software B.V. URLs in the readme.txt have been updated



[GXWM-33348] - Conditions are no longer updated when routing away in a form prehandler
[GXWM-34803] - The password strength tooltip has been updated/improved
[GXWM-34904] - An empty file upload is ignored in Interactive Forms
[GXWM-35198] - Log entries related to "HeaderFilter" from X-Forwarded-Host headers have been improved



[GXWM-34691] - Support for Java 10 and OSGI 6 has been added






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