Changelog 10.20


[GXWM-28968] - Unable to link 2 database references from different entities with the same database ID
[GXWM-30274] - The HTML fallback presentation should not use a CSS stylesheet from the Community Edition presentation
[GXWM-32206] - It is not possible to link a ResourceInstance from another channel to a media item using the API
[GXWM-33825] - Endless recursion prevention is shown in situations where it is not needed
[GXWM-34265] - The Telephone link protocol is not supported by the Solr crawler
[GXWM-34302] - The ErrorPageHelper does not support HTTP to HTTPS redirects
[GXWM-34470] - Resizing an image in the Content Repository from another channel does not work

Change Request

[GXWM-34536] - Show a display-on page while editing an Interactive Form
[GXWM-34643] - Add Anchor support based on headings
[GXWM-34770] - Remove the MySQL driver from releases due to licensing issues


[GXWM-34769] - Add Backend SSO for AD FS documentation to the public documentation Wiki


[GXWM-11558] - Remove "elementHolder=<contentid>" from SSI URLs of elements within articles
[GXWM-33026] - Improve the speed of the System Utilities tab on JBoss
[GXWM-33950] - Add an option to disable the sending of email notifications
[GXWM-34228] - Allow the use of empty "Origin" headers in the CORS filter
[GXWM-34699] - Support beans with properties of type java.util.Map in the REST services
[GXWM-34779] - Add support for Tomcat 8.5.31
[GXWM-34880] - Security improvements

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