Changelog 10.19.1


[GXWM-17766] - The option "Use another language if language is not available" in the General tab of Channel Configuration now functions correctly
[GXWM-18167] - The URLs defined by the "presentation_jsps_url" in the Setup Tool are now parsed correctly
[GXWM-27255] - The permission for the setting "Add dynamic content area" now functions correctly
[GXWM-33124] - Form elements can no longer be dragged and dropped outside of a form section
[GXWM-34388] - A personalization assigned to a Download element is no longer lost when the publication status changes

Change Request

[GXWM-34584] - It is now possible to mark Interactive Forms handlers as a favorite. See
https://wiki.gxsoftware.com/wiki/display/PD/Interactive+Forms+Settings (Favorite Handlers)

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