Changelog 10.19


[GXWM-17695] - WARNING messages appear in the log when more than 100 alias host names are configured for the website frontend and backend
[GXWM-26317] - Personalized content appears in the Meta Description field (Properties)
[GXWM-30229] - The permissions for the tabs for Content item properties are sometimes assessed incorrectly
[GXWM-33590] - If you modify one form element and subsequently delete another, the changes to the first form element are not saved
[GXWM-34389] - Sometimes when you resume editing in a content item, the scrollbar scrolls automatically to the top
[GXWM-34465] - If a Layout template contains the string "text" or "img", you cannot save it
[GXWM-34518] - A WARNING message appears in the log when you select a design template in the Design Templates panel

Change Request

[GXWM-34490] - The default XperienCentral design template now uses the <wm:editable> tag in the recommended way. See Tag Library Reference.


[GXWM-17762] - A Credential Provider Service has been added to the XperienCentral API which allows for external user authorization. See the XperienCentral Documentation Wiki for complete information


[GXWM-33806] - All references in the developer documentation to "WCB" have been changed to "Plugin" to match XperienCentral terminology.


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