Changelog 10.18


[GXWM-11583] - After an uninstall, every deploy shows stacktraces in the log. Bundles are active.
[GXWM-27467] - Channel overview Panel Edit mode link not working correctly.
[GXWM-29483] - IE: The whole path of a download is shown and is non-editable.
[GXWM-30752] - Chrome: Persona creation or name update not shown after reopening panel.
[GXWM-32879] - Freezing step interface when changing identifier using validator variants.
[GXWM-33340] - In some cases IAF does not save changes in Dropdown lists.
[GXWM-33457] - Nullpointer when adding database reference to mediaitem.
[GXWM-33700] - Text of a paragraph IAF element is not saved after apply changes.
[GXWM-33763] - Form with multiple form sections becomes unstable and logs infinite loop.
[GXWM-33769] - Some properties of the form elements are not saved correctly.
[GXWM-34002] - SEO does not work first 5 minutes after startup.
[GXWM-34031] - Personalizations Added by API not shown on frontend before updating the cache.
[GXWM-34033] - Name of a duplicated form step is not correctly updated.
[GXWM-34064] - Console error and content area not resized after delete of Layout and Undo.
[GXWM-34105] - Date picker not working correctly, date not saved.


Change Request

[GXWM-31602] - Users can no longer be deleted but can be made inactive.
[GXWM-32798] - Support in-context editing using the Persona context.



[GXWM-33856] - Enable using a single war-file in a DTAP environment.



[GXWM-33392] - Shell Tools, retrieve and write settings for installations with multiple initiatives.



[GXWM-33071] - Support variant-based personalizations in the Inline Editor.
[GXWM-33669] - Stabilize the save mechanism in Interactive Forms.



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