Changelog 10.18.1



[GXWM-5776] - Node information displayed in the JCR Browser is inconsistent
[GXWM-33355] - Interactive Form encounters processing error in a load balancing environment
[GXWM-34282] - Invalid XML generated by the TagProcessor results in a Java exception
[GXWM-34292] - Plugins with dependencies remain in a resolved state after restarting XperienCentral
[GXWM-33914] - Some properties of custom content items are not shown

Change Request

[GXWM-34401] - Security issues found in an external audit have been fixed


[GXWM-34395] - Configurable filters have been added to block requests containing specific strings


[GXWM-32981] - Queries help has been migrated to the XperienCentral documentation Wiki

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