Changelog 10.16.1

GX WebManager 10.16.1


[GXWM-17613] - Update Content-Length header in the SecureFormsSigningFilter
[GXWM-31419] - 404 custom error page is not always shown on WebSphere
[GXWM-32361] - Solr index gets corrupt after a while
[GXWM-33415] - Chrome: Link in properties dialog can't be changed
[GXWM-33570] - Application key login fails for all users but the Administrator
[GXWM-33584] - Tags not shown in Dutch Advanced Search


[GXWM-15914] - Add support for X-Frame-Options HTTP header


[GXWM-33542] - Problems with SVG images without any explicit width and height

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