Changelog 10.8

GX WebManager 10.8


[GXWM-9088] - Current rollover from/to page with empty URL title results in incorrect update of parent/child pages
[GXWM-17419] - It is impossible to implement the upgradeContent method to automatically upgrade JCR content at version change
[GXWM-18274] - Seo url / url title panel for a page/media item shows wrong available URLs
[GXWM-28021] - Content stream generated by REST API is incorrect
[GXWM-28250] - Properties Dialog: No scrollbar on pagesections tab in page metadata
[GXWM-28529] - solr wcb always optimizing the index after indexing pages
[GXWM-28660] - Search element: content selector dialog doesn't open when clicking "select page"
[GXWM-28960] - FileUpload widget breaks when lead contains a quote
[GXWM-29126] - Visited count is not incremented each time a user logs in
[GXWM-29206] - Floating content starts to indent when editing a content item
[GXWM-29301] - Unable to use <article> tag as outer tag for layouts
[GXWM-29303] - Redirection to external page using POST request
[GXWM-29751] - incorrectly escaped JSON generated
[GXWM-29774] - Context Time widget has scrollbars
[GXWM-29881] - Unable to log in when no frontend_server_alias defined for webinitiatif
[GXWM-30038] - IAF Handlers and routers broken on Java 8
[GXWM-30113] - WebSphere - Axis libraries cause classloading issues
[GXWM-30130] - JS error in position.js when entering edit mode

Change request

[GXWM-17869] - Show progress of forms import process
[GXWM-22133] - Make editable-tag render elements directly
[GXWM-29480] - Add "publish" and "bringToState" methods to the WorkflowService api
[GXWM-29496] - Switching between languages results in unwanted language versions
[GXWM-29870] - Make cycle duration of statistics service configurable
[GXWM-29952] - Add setMetakeywords to PageVersion
[GXWM-30109] - Upgrade to Spring Framework version 3.2.13


[GXWM-29095] - The Entity manager should use hasNode instead of catching PathNotFoundException for performance reasons
[GXWM-29950] - Expand Crosswin API to enable closing panels
[GXWM-29951] - Validate that @ContentType is present on MediaItems
[GXWM-30132] - Xperiencentral fails to start up when for some reason an OSGI bundle can not be read


[GXWM-27434] - Provide support for Java 8 / JDK 8
[GXWM-29757] - Support Jboss EAP 6.3.3
[GXWM-29800] - Support for Oracle 12.1

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