Changelog 10.6.0

GX WebManager 10.6.0


[GXWM-28097] - Unable to edit status after the "created by" editor is removed from XC
[GXWM-25691] - Log error: Given date cannot be parsed
[GXWM-17901] - Given date cannot be parsed: image > properties dialog > versions
[GXWM-14962] - WARNING: Given date cannot be parsed when opening tab Caching on Server Configuration panel
[GXWM-16119] - WARNING: Given date cannot be parsed when clicking the General Timestamp Update button
[GXWM-28429] - The webuser login fails when a user belongs to groups
[GXWM-28060] - Search & select dialog always has 'Articles' facets checked when opened from within a Content Overview element
[GXWM-27136] - Authorization "Create pages/page sections based on database page models" ignored by Create widget
[GXWM-28169] - Changes in content selector are not saved
[GXWM-28257] - jcr-import-export-tool cannot handle server.xml within a windows directory with spaces in the name
[GXWM-27954] - Layout broken when there are characters before the 1st/container div
[GXWM-28601] - Missing icons for versions tab
[GXWM-28548] - Uploaded files are not always deleted
[GXWM-26476] - WYSIWYG element UI broken when long text inserted
[GXWM-28314] - jcr-import-export-tool has workspace hardcoded as wm9 for deleting the jcr index
[GXWM-27708] - Javascript is not executed after an element is updated
[GXWM-28699] - Long personalization titles make pulldown wider than the personalization pop-up
[GXWM-28682] - Old MVC Controllers add extra RT elements to the elements of a content item
[GXWM-28107] - SEO Meta Description won't accept spaces while editing
[GXWM-26107] - Page broken when it contains a link to a media item on another, not shared, webinitiatif
[GXWM-28852] - Page broken when it contains a link to a non-existing media item
[GXWM-28839] - Element edit bar shows "undefined" and causes a 404 in the background
[GXWM-28743] - Creating different kinds of links not working
[GXWM-28105] - Wrong language used in content selector dialog
[GXWM-27956] - Severe logging when retrieving non existent session key in prehandler
[GXWM-10252] - Moving a page which is not visible in the navigation will make the page visible in the navigation
[GXWM-5103] - In the "Move page" panel, clicking the link results in an error message
[GXWM-28941] - Parenthesized expression in precondition breaks form in IAF
[GXWM-28889] - PersonalizationManagementService returns unusable PersonalisationItem
[GXWM-28974] - Empty first tab in Properties dialog (console errors)
[GXWM-28924] - Inserting link in element fails
[GXWM-29009] - Element Toolbar not positioned correctly on long page
[GXWM-28801] - CurrentRolloverDetection is broken when custom mediaitems are available
[GXWM-28835] - Inline personalisations on element cause the element to show up empty
[GXWM-28836] - Inline element personalisation is removed after opening/closing element properties, in some presentations
[GXWM-28833] - Vertical alignment of button labels is incorrect
[GXWM-29020] - No space between pulldown and Actions-button in paragraph element


[GXWM-28558] - Make title of unlock confirmation messages consistent
[GXWM-28254] - Provide callback-support for signalling changes to element content

Change Request

[GXWM-17885] - Optimize logging in GX WebManager
[GXWM-28599] - Change 'website' facet into 'channel'/'kanaal'
[GXWM-27374] - The 'Title' field and the 'tag' field should be longer
[GXWM-27821] - Change notification text when deleting pagesection at a page
[GXWM-28402] - Reference to 'Creeer Content' widget on help page not correct
[GXWM-27611] - Change default selected facets in searchpanel content overview
[GXWM-26580] - Improve XC client side jsdoc


[GXWM-27510] - Introduce In Context Time
[GXWM-26075] - Add support for Windows 8.x for Developer/Editor workstation

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