Changelog 10.4.1

GX WebManager 10.4.1


[GXWM-17740] - When creating a new version, the url-title is emtpy in the new version
[GXWM-25550] - Anchor Element contains unused / not working "select elements" options
[GXWM-27023] - Pages from other channel are shown in Advanced Search
[GXWM-27147] - Page metadata components do not create RBAC categories and permissions
[GXWM-27480] - PublicationStatusEvent not thrown for all (?) former Media Repository content item types, including custom content items
[GXWM-27483] - MediaItemVersion does not reflect actual publication state when UPDATE - POST event is thrown
[GXWM-27568] - Make Inline Editor support anchor elements
[GXWM-27579] - Unable to create links on a page with "incorrect links"
[GXWM-27725] - Selecting an image from content repository sometimes fails (ie10?)
[GXWM-27731] - IE: No formatting toolbar in WYSIWYG element
[GXWM-27732] - When assigning all web accessiblity workflow conditions to an action results in incorrect notification styling
[GXWM-27733] - The order of workflow errors changes after publishing the page again
[GXWM-27754] - Dragging in Inline Editor is extremely slow in large content items
[GXWM-27788] - Stacktrace when rendering dynamic content overview which still contains removed tags
[GXWM-27815] - Changing the presentation of a custom element results in selecting the first presentation
[GXWM-27827] - Download links created in WM9 not working anymore and removed after migrating to WM10
[GXWM-27883] - Saving a media item does not update the timestamp of an assigned tag
[GXWM-27927] - Pasting a layout makes the layout uneditable
[GXWM-27998] - Updating a layout template corrupts all layout instances
[GXWM-28011] - Download links broken after some editing on the page
[GXWM-28049] - Broken download link(s) after upgrade from WM 9

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