Changelog 10.4.0

GX WebManager 10.4.0


[GXWM-4727] - Cached page sections are not invalidated when they expire
[GXWM-4901] - Creation of duplicate terms when sharing the mediarepository between different webinitiatives
[GXWM-6001] - Inconsistent event throwing by the Content API reorderElements methods
[GXWM-10991] - MediaItem doesn't publish UPDATE PRE and POST event when expected
[GXWM-10992] - PageVersion doesn't publish PRE and POST UPDATE event when expected
[GXWM-11223] - MediaItemVersion copy doesn't publish MediaItemVersion COPY PRE and POST events
[GXWM-13108] - Stack traces (null pointer exceptions and otherwise) when viewing a form on the 'Preview' tab.
[GXWM-14173] - Create separate permissions for assign 'tags' and maintain tags
[GXWM-15047] - Stacktraces when previewing a form with empty form section element
[GXWM-17504] - 'servername is null' is logged when generating Google sitemap on multiple webinitiatives
[GXWM-17672] - wm:form tag should not be using <ins> to wrap hidden fields
[GXWM-17799] - HTML within Form tag generated by IAF isn't valid according to W3C validator
[GXWM-18231] - Uncaught Exception - NullPointerException when chosing option on Database Maintenance panel
[GXWM-21832] - IE10: Configuration menu doesn't disappear after clicking outside it
[GXWM-25785] - Unable to select layout using the move button
[GXWM-25899] - Page metadata is not styled correctly
[GXWM-25956] - Media item version title is not updated in 'Version' tab in media item properties dialog
[GXWM-26078] - Scrollbars when having article metadata and expanding menus (e.g. calendar)
[GXWM-26112] - Backend servers can only be stopped by killing them
[GXWM-26329] - Copy / paste link is broken: ContentStream link specifies no cref and no href
[GXWM-26344] - multiple forms on one page results in duplicate error and info div id's
[GXWM-26348] - Unable to edit custom mediaitem with isArticle(false)
[GXWM-26374] - The setting in the permission panel to prevent editors from creating new tags, is not working
[GXWM-26469] - ElementManagementService publishes wrong POST COPY event
[GXWM-26473] - Able to edit page sections even though not privileged
[GXWM-26518] - Copying a media article with a language other than english or dutch active as editorial frontend language leads to a wm_jellyfish.jellyfish_title_prefix prefix for the copied article
[GXWM-26573] - When using shortcut key v and immediately ESC, a TypeError occurs: shortcut key doesn't work anymore
[GXWM-26744] - Backend search indexer can't handle empty related links
[GXWM-26762] - Circular dependency between wmpgui and wmpguicomponents
[GXWM-26780] - When copying a layout, the layout does not appear in the layouts overview
[GXWM-26800] - Advanced search through Content Overview element display no facet controls
[GXWM-26828] - Page Overview: Advanced Search shows all content types instead of only pages
[GXWM-26840] - Form signature can be tampered with; is not authenticated
[GXWM-26842] - Title too long: Dynamisch contentoverzicht
[GXWM-26845] - Incorrect language label when logged in in Dutch and moving page
[GXWM-26885] - Domain classes not shown in JSDoc zip
[GXWM-26892] - Pressing enter after list item does not result in new item
[GXWM-26902] - Arrow of the element infobar shown on incorrect place
[GXWM-26930] - Error during upgrade to 10.3
[GXWM-26931] - Illegal term assignment when copying media item to other website
[GXWM-26940] - Adding page labels or media terms using the API does not work
[GXWM-26959] - 'Show all versions' in actions menu, doesn't show Versions tab
[GXWM-26969] - It is not possible anymore to create a hyperlink in a table element and in a list element
[GXWM-26992] - IE: Adding an empty content overview to Article on Vi10-devel is not saved
[GXWM-26994] - Element tooltip in RTE shows 'undefined'
[GXWM-27007] - Friendly URL/event stacktrace when SEO=off and editing properties of custom media item
[GXWM-27018] - Warning during element editing, element actions menu missing
[GXWM-27025] - The ContentIndex is absent from the Javadoc
[GXWM-27047] - Navigation to the titlebar above an editable area should be more reliable
[GXWM-27050] - Unable to add loop field to layout if loop maximum is not set
[GXWM-27062] - Special pages cannot be assigned since page selection dialog throws JS error
[GXWM-27080] - Revert removal of DisplayDialog JS function
[GXWM-27100] - Hidden fieldset is shown, on properties dialog, metadata on general tab
[GXWM-27137] - RBAC permissions contain duplicate entries
[GXWM-27140] - Browser melt down when inserting a link containing a space character
[GXWM-27168] - Apache Commons FileUpload vulnerable to DoS-attack
[GXWM-27236] - Backend Search > Relevancy: Heading should be more important than content
[GXWM-27241] - Backend search on navigation title shows strange behavior
[GXWM-27242] - selectFromObjectManagerButton tag broken in XC
[GXWM-27250] - Inline editor not shown due to missing dummy.js
[GXWM-27258] - Session specific content is cached
[GXWM-27268] - Productbeheer panel broken on XC 10.3
[GXWM-27291] - When using a Dojo textarea (dijit/form/Textarea) in a sidebar-widget, the XC hotkeys are not suppressed.
[GXWM-27314] - Parameter readonly="true" of wm:editable doesn't work
[GXWM-27392] - Notifications called from sidebar-widgets are shown at the wrong location.
[GXWM-27404] - Created and Last modified name based on login name instead of first and last name
[GXWM-27415] - Setting https_use_http_page_links breaks edit environment
[GXWM-27417] - Scroll bar too small and confirmation message not visible for the Basic Event Properties
[GXWM-27435] - WM max-version still being set in WCB manifest files
[GXWM-27490] - Unable to save page in content repository
[GXWM-27512] - Performance degradation SBS-performance test
[GXWM-27518] - Save button never becomes enabled in Layouts panel
[GXWM-27575] - Element panel fails to open in article when home page on planned
[GXWM-27587] - Workflow constraint framework does not handle multiple constraints correctly
[GXWM-27608] - Incorrect wording in workflow constraint notification message

Change request

[GXWM-5954] - Make the EntityEvents consistent with eachother
[GXWM-8398] - Event manager subscription on interface scope does not work
[GXWM-8479] - Also display planned page sections in the labels panel
[GXWM-10833] - Make it possible to perform an 'updateMediaItem' on the media repository management service
[GXWM-11220] - Let MVC controlers publish EntityEvent.UPDATE events
[GXWM-11221] - Remove publishing of UPDATE events from the ContentAPI
[GXWM-13760] - Improve use of terms and media repository across multiple web initiatives
[GXWM-14411] - Unable to select explicit term when two initiatives have the same term
[GXWM-18066] - Provide full support for JNDI within SDK for local and server usage regarding DB access
[GXWM-18382] - Merge all logical databases into 1
[GXWM-26693] - Consistently use hidden fieldsets to wrap hidden inputs
[GXWM-27090] - Add parent page titles to the index
[GXWM-27248] - Create API for navigating to another content item within edit mode
[GXWM-27468] - Clean up unused WebManager editions
[GXWM-27479] - Improve Inline Editor Scrolling behavior


[GXWM-25618] - Document Database Maintenance
[GXWM-25622] - Document Performance Dashboard
[GXWM-25623] - Document Plugins
[GXWM-26911] - Update widget development guidelines w.r.t. layer loading
[GXWM-27327] - Online Help: Server configuration


[GXWM-6224] - Extend post-update convenience methods
[GXWM-10985] - Make the event structure more clear and unified
[GXWM-26323] - Add Interactive Forms to the XC Javadoc
[GXWM-26474] - Replace publishing of TOUCH events with UPDATE events
[GXWM-26478] - Create tests for event publishing
[GXWM-26546] - Remove DomainHandlerContext.setUpdated and .isUpdated
[GXWM-26960] - Loading the edit interface of an element is slow
[GXWM-27164] - Support static JSP HTML inside a wm:editable area
[GXWM-27280] - Add support for field/loop renaming in layouts
[GXWM-27440] - Modify the EN wording on the Caching panel


[GXWM-24848] - Re-enable validations for Web Accessibility Enforcement
[GXWM-26365] - Upgrade to Dojo 1.9.2
[GXWM-26382] - Support IE11
[GXWM-26565] - Improve the event infrastructure

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