Changelog 10.10

GX WebManager 10.10


[GXWM-7980] - Improve File browser security
[GXWM-11618] - Improve page dumping security
[GXWM-14904] - Deselecting a form or form section during import, still imports the form and form section anyhow
[GXWM-26235] - Regular expression metacharacters fail either clientside or serverside
[GXWM-26997] - NullPointerException when page has no publication date
[GXWM-27027] - The variants tab does not show all parameters when form logic contains many parameters
[GXWM-28215] - Incorrect query in MediaItemFriendlyURLEntityDAOImpl and DBPageFriendlyURLEntityDAOImpl
[GXWM-28256] - jcr-import-export-tool doesn't work with WebManagerDb resource
[GXWM-28439] - Alternative Path is not being used for calculating the Friendly URL of a page
[GXWM-28931] - Full lead images are used in Advanced search
[GXWM-29049] - Article with image is not shown when searching on the alternative text of the image
[GXWM-29056] - Indented Bulleted list items disappear after saving
[GXWM-29088] - Major lock contention in IndexQueueServiceImpl
[GXWM-29093] - Dragging form fragments below the fold does not work
[GXWM-29208] - Adding content repository image to a page removes the alternative text from that image
[GXWM-29441] - Layouts used in page sections are not rendered properly
[GXWM-29514] - Import creates empty form sections, while import was not started
[GXWM-29723] - A restart of MySQL can cause the backend search index from becoming out of date
[GXWM-29910] - IAF Workflow cannot handle roles shared among multiple websites
[GXWM-30078] - Links in ImageMap Coordinates are not replaced correctly
[GXWM-30093] - Mediaitems extending MediaItemVersion are not added to backend search
[GXWM-30185] - Pasting content from Outlook results in additional empty line
[GXWM-30187] - Unable to filter BC Segments using personalization category
[GXWM-30356] - Error mailing a Page from IAF on HTTPS (internal HTTP enabled)
[GXWM-30415] - NullpointerException when opening a copied IAF element on an article
[GXWM-30491] - Improve Query Preview security
[GXWM-30529] - Selecting lead image resets properties
[GXWM-30539] - Improve login screen
[GXWM-30588] - First time loading of oEmbed links displays HTML in pre-tag
[GXWM-30592] - Article property changes are reverted on deleting leadimage
[GXWM-30596] - Expand / collapse a sidebar sometimes results in an InvalidItemStateException
[GXWM-30610] - White empty page after refresh
[GXWM-30611] - Prehandling only sets fragmentList referencedata if a handler is present on the 'normal' handling of the same step
[GXWM-30626] - Un-escaping link codes for a richtextelement fails
[GXWM-30627] - Undocumented name restrictions have been introduced for the Named Content Areas
[GXWM-30634] - Save button not enabled after undo/redo
[GXWM-30649] - XC creates duplicate link codes which make it impossible to add new or edit existing link codes
[GXWM-30681] - IAF Workflow upgrade fails due to NullPointerException on WebSphere
[GXWM-30726] - Read Access generates "orgurl" with port "-1" when running on port 80
[GXWM-30728] - When you insert a WYSIWYG element on a page the formatting toolbar is missing
[GXWM-30773] - Improve security of redirects
[GXWM-30802] - Improve security of IAF Paragraph
[GXWM-30809] - Invalid redirect when page has no editable area but contains pagesection which does
[GXWM-30824] - GUI changes on Login text inputs, Login and Apply buttons
[GXWM-30830] - Wrong escaping of JCR browser pulldown
[GXWM-30833] - Link tag (a) in link tab properties widget is escaped
[GXWM-30846] - Gif files can no longer be uploaded in Image (Map) elements
[GXWM-30899] - Image element hangs when saving an incorrect file type
[GXWM-30919] - The sizedImage tag seems not to use crop mode as default anymore
[GXWM-30982] - Uploading file in ImageMap element not possible
[GXWM-30996] - Link codes are abbreviated while there seems enough space
[GXWM-31016] - Elements inside lists are not rendered
[GXWM-31067] - Workflow panel security improvements
[GXWM-31068] - Language switch security improvements
[GXWM-31069] - Authorization panel security improvements
[GXWM-31111] - Any resizing of image gives exception when static path is set to a non null value
[GXWM-31122] - Saving a content item whose title contains a tag wrongly updates the info bar
[GXWM-31124] - Improve security of WYSIWYG element

Change Request

[GXWM-13236] - Restrict javascript functionality
[GXWM-19667] - Dojo dialogs cannot be resized manually
[GXWM-28731] - Enable parallel SSI processing
[GXWM-29207] - Add Container based authentication in order to enable Backend SSO
[GXWM-30144] - Unable to locate linked lead image
[GXWM-30493] - Don't allow uploading arbitrary file types
[GXWM-30538] - Change session cookie after login
[GXWM-30665] - Panel security improvements
[GXWM-30666] - Adjust the permission level where raw html (js) needs to be entered/uploaded
[GXWM-30667] - Ensure proper escaping in the default XC presentation
[GXWM-30668] - Remove the functionality "Folders"
[GXWM-30669] - Add IP / Server Name restrictions to module "External Applications"
[GXWM-30671] - IAF security improvements
[GXWM-30672] - Spring-based panel security improvements
[GXWM-30673] - Various Dojo security improvements
[GXWM-30674] - Enforce file type verification in file uploads
[GXWM-30775] - Remove Design Template Folders
[GXWM-30788] - Make file browser paths configurable
[GXWM-30804] - Restrict authorization rights for main editors
[GXWM-30929] - Improve rich text sanity checking
[GXWM-31001] - Enable sizedImage tag with parameter to determine quality of output of resizing
[GXWM-31060] - Secure improvement Advanced Search
[GXWM-30190] - Provide more feedback when start searching in Advanced Search


[GXWM-29552] - Document Diagnostic Tools (Admin pages, /web/admin)
[GXWM-30154] - Add instructions about automatically inserted p tags to the frontend requirements document
[GXWM-30644] - Linux installation manual comments/improvements
[GXWM-30653] - EditableTag attribute "readonly" missing from javadoc
[GXWM-30716] - Describe how to use the JCR import/export tool when using JNDI
[GXWM-30730] - Dutch online help about the workflow contains 'obuwct' instead of 'object'
[GXWM-30743] - Document "System Administration - How to copy an XperienCentral environment" needs to be updated
[GXWM-30795] - Links in installation.txt are incorrect
[GXWM-31028] - Document password strength related configuration entries


[GXWM-26560] - Avoid duplicate error messages when property panel is open
[GXWM-30151] - Create download links to custom MediaItems
[GXWM-30248] - Implement session fixation protection
[GXWM-30670] - Add location restrictions to the IAF Upload Handler
[GXWM-30777] - File browser slow because of directory size calculation
[GXWM-31104] - Channel Configuration Special Pages are not escaped properly


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