Changelog 10.12

GX WebManager 10.12


[GXWM-11831] - Solr configuration changes are overwritten on startup
[GXWM-13090] - Renaming and removing (required) parameters added to the FormLogicProvideComponentDefinition does not work
[GXWM-14896] - Incorrect step when analyzing an import without selecting one first
[GXWM-15240] - Numeric values shown incorrectly in overview fragment
[GXWM-16736] - Javascript error when a formfragment has the same identifier as a formstep
[GXWM-17024] - Adding a parameter to a handler breaks existing forms
[GXWM-17625] - Removing a handler parameter in the code does not remove it from the JCR
[GXWM-18860] - Labels with capital are shown as lower case in Advanced search, two different labels are shown as one
[GXWM-18896] - Hide irrelevant facets for database items in Advanced Search
[GXWM-18912] - Incorrect counts for the various date-related facets
[GXWM-18966] - Content Type facet category prefilled when searching database reference
[GXWM-24514] - SEVERE: "Listener is already registered, can't add a second time" occurs after starting Tomcat for the first time
[GXWM-25788] - Single line mode does not work in Layouts
[GXWM-27266] - Advanced Search facet Publication Date > In the future doesn't find 1/1/2050
[GXWM-27573] - Advanced search - Channel facet: search shows no results
[GXWM-28065] - Layout based on default tabbed content html cannot be correctly editted
[GXWM-29180] - Changing either meta description or lead changes the lead and meta description respectively
[GXWM-30235] - Updating a webuser gives exception
[GXWM-30295] - Custom mediaitem metadata iframe height is not correctly set on second view
[GXWM-30414] - pagemetadata archetype generates deprecated code
[GXWM-30447] - CSS classes on hidden inputs does not end up in resulting HTML
[GXWM-30479] - Language Label mappings with a dot '.' make variants unworkable
[GXWM-30488] - Rendering of forms tree in panel is very slow when a lot of forms are available
[GXWM-30609] - MaxLength property doesn't work for TextArea
[GXWM-30739] - formFragmentSection.jspf generates invalid html
[GXWM-30741] - Existing form sessions expire when new version of form is set to active
[GXWM-30851] - GetMediaItems tag retrieves all mediaitems when resultrange to part is 0 or incorrect
[GXWM-31035] - Content overview with a deleted content item causes problems
[GXWM-31146] - Layout broken when root element is anything other than a <div>
[GXWM-31340] - Ajax call to retrieve Personalizations is slow
[GXWM-31421] - Bad example of password usage in service archetype
[GXWM-31542] - Text selection over multiple lines behaves strange with high line-height value
[GXWM-31642] - Release ZIP cannot be built using alternative maven repository location
[GXWM-31657] - DBCPManager won't always initialize properly causing havoc in the rest of the system
[GXWM-31722] - Facet count incorrect after searching facet values while other facets are selected
[GXWM-31723] - formelement with setting 'several pages' returns nullpointer (!)
[GXWM-31871] - Errors in JS with some nested combinations of layouts
[GXWM-31908] - File names containing special characters result in 404 on linux
[GXWM-31968] - Escaped HTML automatically unescaped by XC

Change Request

[GXWM-13199] - Form locking
[GXWM-13232] - It would be better when you can select a category in a form-element
[GXWM-17881] - Using to MySql 5.6 fails due to use of deprecated Mysql OPTION statement
[GXWM-19034] - Add custom page metadata to the index
[GXWM-28587] - Support all HTML tags in layouts
[GXWM-31541] - Make it possible to remove language labels
[GXWM-31622] - Upgrade SOLR to latest version
[GXWM-31983] - Upgrade to Dojo 1.10.5 or 1.11.0


[GXWM-30710] - Create a "Security Manual"
[GXWM-31664] - Setting file_download_valid_mime_types missing in online help
[GXWM-31749] - HTTPS in place of HTTP in description for setting frontend_portnr in integrated help


[GXWM-30013] - Include fragment name in 'delete fragment' popup message
[GXWM-31014] - Solr should use TrieFields instead of deprecated regular Fields
[GXWM-31502] - Expression replacement should log more information on errors
[GXWM-31558] - Add server generated random input when form is signed
[GXWM-31819] - Failure on generating Archetype with relative local repository


[GXWM-17509] - Add support for MySQL server 5.7
[GXWM-19078] - Developers must be able to add Custom Facets to Advanced Search
[GXWM-22180] - Add Interactive Forms User Profiles logic to the edition bundles
[GXWM-22206] - Provide support for content-specific facets
[GXWM-25871] - Improve the style of the IAF panel
[GXWM-29716] - Support HTTP/2
[GXWM-30401] - Provide "offline" System Administration functions
[GXWM-30976] - Add support Apache 2.4
[GXWM-31219] - Remove Calendars from XperienCentral
[GXWM-31220] - Remove FAQs from XperienCentral
[GXWM-31256] - Improve responsiveness Interactive Forms UI
[GXWM-31989] - Change XperienCentral product logo

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