Changelog 10.12.1

GX WebManager 10.12.1


[GXWM-31872] - No method available to change 'passwordChangeRequired'
[GXWM-31949] - xhtml valid tags are converted to xhtml invalid tags
[GXWM-32174] - Backend full index keeps throwing exceptions after 10.12 upgrade
[GXWM-32183] - Not all log messages from quartz jobs appear in log
[GXWM-32212] - Class loading issues when starting XperienCentral on JBoss
[GXWM-32219] - XC 10.12 upgrade tasks do not clean contentindex and searchengine directories on slaves
[GXWM-32229] - Stacktrace on formsections without a version
[GXWM-32248] - Various XSS flaws in 10.12.0
[GXWM-32261] - Personalizing paragraph elements with line breaks results in invalid xml
[GXWM-32270] - Javascript expressions in IAF parameters not followed by a space result in errors
[GXWM-32272] - Reusable widgets broken in chrome version 51
[GXWM-32273] - Creating Discussion Models lack authorization check on request
[GXWM-32278] - IAF field of type Password should never be prefilled
[GXWM-32290] - Responsiveness Issue - Clicking Apply on a locked form results in infinite loop of the waiting symbol/image
[GXWM-32309] - Class loading issues when starting XperienCentral on WebSphere
[GXWM-32365] - Indexing pages causes searchfacets to behave wrong

Change Request

[GXWM-32209] - Fix warnings logged by backend indexer


[GXWM-32050] - Update Interactive Forms screenshots for the new styling


[GXWM-32207] - Add current locking user information
[GXWM-32223] - IAF - Sort category list in alphabetical order
[GXWM-32299] - Improve the form tree icons when a form or formsection is locked


[GXWM-31564] - Support the ability to set the authentication mode per user

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