Changelog 10.14

GX WebManager 10.14


[GXWM-30631] - Personalized download stays unavailable when the personalization has been removed
[GXWM-32431] - Opening Flowlogging grays out form section content when switching back to Forms
[GXWM-32481] - Contents of download is not indexed by frontend SOLR
[GXWM-32608] - Dutch layout permission options are not shown correctly
[GXWM-32619] - When no content area is selected, the options in the layout actions menu show inconsistent behavior
[GXWM-32705] - Unable to select forms at the IAF element when the Category contains an ampersand
[GXWM-32717] - Scripts in layouts are executed when editing the page
[GXWM-32729] - Multiple BR tags are added to L Codes after filtering with wmfn:filterHTML()
[GXWM-32785] - Buttons Layout context outside the Layout context panel
[GXWM-32797] - Changing workflow with conditions fails and throws 403 forbidden error

Change request

[GXWM-25495] - Add ability to add, delete and move a dynamic layout area
[GXWM-25794] - Add the ability to give dynamic fields understandable labels in the actions menu
[GXWM-28022] - Search and select for pages should not depend on Link setting
[GXWM-32776] - Expose parsing possibilities of SOLR plugin to custom plugins


[GXWM-32699] - Add Multiple Websites topic to the Wiki


[GXWM-29169] - Make it possible to create a form in a selected form category
[GXWM-30139] - Add external identifier to Layout in API
[GXWM-32004] - User doesn't yet have a form session and then submits a previous form version
[GXWM-32766] - A server side check to prevent the deletion of the root page section
[GXWM-32859] - DBCPManagerService logs strange string


[GXWM-18652] - Support bulk delete in Content Repository
[GXWM-29340] - Render Interactive Forms as part of a content item in a cross-domain fashion
[GXWM-29780] - Make it possible to display content items in various ways using oEmbed
[GXWM-32492] - Remove Advanced Forms Left-overs from XperienCentral

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